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Thursday  27 November 2014
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[31 December 2010] Cosmic Trip Machine - Vampyros Roussos (2009) The Curse of Lord Space Devil (2010)
[28 December 2010] A Bunch of Fronds
[24 December 2010] Smell Of Incense / Ethereal Counterbalance (split EP, 1997)
[15 December 2010] Evel Gazebow - 2010 - A Message to Your Mind
[11 December 2010] The Tricks of the Sun - 2007 - The Tricks of the Sun
[22 November 2010] The Magnificent Brotherhood - 2010 - Dope Idiots‏
[14 October 2010] Baby Scream - 2010 - Baby Scream
[08 October 2010] St. Atom HRT605 - 2010 - Smiling Autumn Leaves
[05 October 2010] James McKeown - 2010 - James McKeown
[24 April 2010] The Vertigo Swirl - 2010 - A New Swirled Record


 Yes this is Lost In Tyme!

We are now refugees from blogger, setting to our new home, this excellent site hosting service of UcoZ, a service offering so many new possibilities, that makes blogger look like a child's toy.
Anyway, now we can have not only a blog but a whole site devoted to the music we like. There is also a forum, that we would like to grow into a community for less known music, and we slowly building a site containing each and everyone of the almost 2000 posts of the deleted Lost In Tyme pages, complete with the restored links, an advanced search and index, to be the absolute online music encyclopedia for the begginer and the veteran music lover alike. We have many more coming up, so stay tuned!

Our journey has just begun!
We thank you for your your support and we are waiting for your comments


NOTE: The restored entries retain the date that were initially posted - this means that you'll find them in the back pages of Lost-In-Tyme blog, while on the first pages will be the new/most recent entries.

More Info Here
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Views: 6363 | Date: 21 January 2009 | Rating: 4.0/1

Η ομάδα Coalminers την παραμονή Πρωτοχρονιάς διοργανώνει στο club Ghost House (upstairs) τη χοροεσπερίδα
΄΄To Know Us Better΄΄ με μουσική θεματολογία από τη&nu... Read more »
Views: 5737 | Date: 18 November 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

Ladies 'n Gents,
On Friday 19th of September
Belle Vue crew will be at Open bar (Ermou & 8, Agias Theklas str) - Psiri, for the season opening.  Belle vue DJs will spin top dance sounds from the 60's underground.  Read more...
Views: 3358 | Date: 13 September 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

On the 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) of July ’08, in ancient Pan’s homeland, Tripolis, Peloponnesus, Greece!
Read More....

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Views: 3679 | Date: 27 May 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I'm sure that the fans of Dead Moon (and there are many in Greece) already know that Fred and Toody will play as Pierced Arrows this Saturday, 17.5.2008 at the AN Club (read more)...
Views: 3399 | Date: 15 May 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Οι Last Drive ζωντανά στο Gagarin 205 στις 9 και 10 Μαΐου. Τα λέμε εκεί.
Δείτε εδώ για περισσότερα - και μερικές φωτογραφίες.
Views: 3489 | Date: 09 May 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

Since the initial announcement about the "100 Mirrors project" we reveived over 80 invitations from friends of LiT and about 20 e-mails/comments from friends who were asking for instructions. We received several offers for help in creating a site in a dedicated server or in Wordpress, suggestions for other blogging services (ie WordBay) and a lot of comments asking us to go on. Some of our friends posted, in their own blogs, the 100 Mirrors links and/or information
about the recent situation of Lost In Tyme.

We owe you all a big thank you.

We have - in a weeks time - created over 30 of the 100 Mirrors and for the last few days we are working on this site.

Now, about 2 weeks later, there are almost 50 Mirrors up and there will be more. The invitations are over 100, so it seems that this project will eventually end as pla... Read more »
Views: 4181 | Date: 09 May 2008 | Rating: 5.0/3


We really can't explain why someone would spend even half an hour a day to find and delete our posts nor why someone would set the total extinction of Lost In Tyme from the Blogosphere as his goal.


Even more because there are a thousand blogs that offer downloads for records still in print, or for the most recent releases.
You can read more on this if you go to the Site Info/Archives page.

Views: 4233 | Date: 24 April 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1

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