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24 January 2018
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Main 2007 » August » 6 Tomorrow - 50 Minute Technicolor Dream
Tomorrow - 50 Minute Technicolor Dream
Tomorrow - 50 Minute Technicolor Dream: Unreleased & Live

50 Minute Technicolor Dream is a compilation of mostly previously unreleased recordings
by Tomorrow.

Tracks 1-2 are unused demos for the film Blowup.
Tracks 7-8 are from BBC Radio 1:
"Top Gear" (the first "Peel Session", recorded September 21, 1967), rec Maida Vale Studios.
Tracks 9-16 are live at "Christmas On Earth Continued"
Friday, December 22, 1967, Kensington Olympia Grand & National Halls.

Track List :
1. "Am I Glad to See You"
2. "Blow Up"
3. "Caught in a Web"
4. "Revolution"
5. "Why"
6. "Real Life Permanent Dream"
7. "Three Jolly Little Dwarfs"
8. "Revolution"
9. "Caught in a Web" (live)
10. "Shotgun & the Duck" (live)
11. "My White Bicycle" (live)
12. "Real Life Permanent Dream" (live)
13. "Revolution" (live)
14. "Why" (live)
15. "Mr Rainbow" (live)
16. "Strawberry Fields Forever" (live)

Flower-power, psychedelia, the summer of love. That's the back-drop to the oh-too-short career of pop group Tomorrow. The promise was all there, though. Billing with Hendrix, The Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, The Move, and The Who. Star vocallist Keith West of "Excerpt from a Teenage Opera" fame. Showcased on Top Gear with Peel and Brian Matthew.

"50 Minute Technicolour Dream" is a new compilation made up from studio sessions, live recordings, and other recently-discovered tracks from the band. Their best known track, "My White Bicycle" is there, though unfortunately, the fidelity of this live recording is not particularly high. The BBC recorded tracks are, however, superb in quality.

The songs are very much of the era. Plenty of Wah-wah and flanging. If you hanker for just a little more of the late '60s music there's nostalgia and excitement together in this new RPM album. Their version of "Strawberry Fields Forever" is a real bonus.

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