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22 March 2018
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Main » 2008 » August » 12 » Have a nice summer !!!
Have a nice summer !!!
I'll be away for vacations for the next 3 weeks....
During this time we will continue our usual posting, but l 'll think very seriously if I want to continue with this blog/site...

In the past months we did some hard work that seems none (or at least most) of you don't appreciate.
I'm talking about comments....

We have made 400 posts (new & re-posts) since the day that we open the new LiT...but the number of comments is smaller than the posts!
There is about 1000 visitors per post have about 50-100 views the first day...I can understand that maybe you don't find the posts interesting, but I cannot understand those who read the posts and download the music and just sneak out without a trace.

Recently we discovered that not only you don't bother to leave a comment here, but some of you,  right after you download and listen some rare and long lost record from Lost In Tyme, (i.e. made available for the first time in this blog), you go a put a rating or even a review in Rateyoumusic entry for this record!- you can check how the rating and reviews are multiplying after the date of post of this record in LiT. (add to this that sometimes even our scans of the records we post are appearing in RYM - without mention of LiT, of course).
This proves that our visitors are active, but for some reason they don't want to be active in Lost In Tyme.

We don't ask for anything except your reaction, through your comments.
We don't expect you to care if we spend a lot of hours for rip, upload, search and make this music available to you.

I don't need apologies or promises that you'll be more active...
All I need is to make you understand that we (as all) bloggers trying to have a blog somehow like a music community
and it's not at all interesting to share music to those who can't appreciate it and share their opinion.

If you want us to continue here, just be more active.

If you believe that we doing that because we like to be well known and we should not complaining about comments and the luck of support...then just remove our blog from your list.

No comments allowed for this post...If you want to say something that have to be about the music and you can do it to the music posts.

Have a nice summer !!!

Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 1384 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Rating: 4.0/4 |

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