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24 February 2018
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Main » 2008 » August » 28 » Watch Children - How Does It Feel To Be So White? (cas, 1989)
Watch Children - How Does It Feel To Be So White? (cas, 1989)

With titles like "Watermelon Soup", "Immediate Ratification" "Coconut Lifesaver" and "Teenage Lima Bean" you know what to expect. If you've enjoyed Chocolate Soup series or the more psyched tunes of Pebbles, look no further for another chapter of multi-colored reverberation, full of every psychedelic essence known to these children' fried minds.
 Garage rhythms, lysergic guitar riffs, cheap studio effects, two-finger played farfisa and some of the most vibrating, underwater-recorded, Sonics-inspired and Syd-Barrett-treated songs you could possibly hear in this or any other life.

Watch Children were Marc Saxton on guitar and vocals, Martin Splichal on guitar, Elena Papavero on bass and John Kleiman on drums and their base was in New Jersey. Marc Saxton and Elena Papavero (the group's core - although Martin Splichal has written most of the songs in this cassette) were in the early line-up of Laughing Soup Dish. Saxton penned their first single - the classic Teenage Lima Bean (included here without its backward ending) and its flipside Rainy Day Sponge, and they both left before its release on Voxx, to continue as Watch Children.
Classic lo-fi recordings, as we're all accustomed to, when it comes to garage-psych treasures, these 17 tracks of "How Does It Feel To Be So White?" are just a sub-note in the book of underground music, but sometimes such sub-notes can open doors to very enjoyable possible worlds.

 "Salvador Dali's Still Dying", on Freakbeat #7 EP (1990) (coming soon in Lost In Tyme)
"Did You Feed the Fish?" on Fun With Mushrooms compilation (1991)
"How Does It Feel To Be So White?" cassette, 1989
"Kinda Retarded Tapes" (2X7' EP, released around 1997-8 with recordings from 1987)
several tracks were recorded for a second cassette announced in 1990 with the title "Here Are Our Heads" (including Salvador Dali) as well as an LP, but those were never released - as far as I know. Some of these songs appeared in "Kinda Retarded Tapes" years later.

Listen to this and let me know what you think, when you return.

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