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24 January 2018
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Main 2008 » September » 10 Vulcan's Hammer - 1995 - The Two Magicians (UK studio sessions & live 1973-1975)
Vulcan's Hammer - 1995 - The Two Magicians (UK studio sessions & live 1973-1975)

Little is known about the British traditional folk quartet Vulcan's Hammer, other than that they were based in Kent and put out one album, True Hearts and Sound Bottoms, as a privately pressed release limited to 250 copies. Though it's pretty typical of the English traditional vocal folk group genre without bearing special hallmarks of distinction, it's accomplished within its style, with strong solid male-female vocal harmonies. The material is likewise traditional in nature, mixing a cappella passages with arrangements based around acoustic guitar and fiddle. [allmusic guide]

"The Two Magicians" is compilation album of their unreleased studio session (1973) and live (1975).

Phil: vocals, Morris bells, tambour, spoons, Morris dance;
Kay: vocals, tambour, tambourine;
Graham: vocals, 12-string guitar, Anglo concertina;
Eddy: vocals, 6-string guitar;
Dick: fiddle, mandolele

Vulcan's Hammer studio session (1973)
   1. Crazy Man Michael (4:04)
   2. The Two Magicians (2:07)
   3. The Goodwin Sands (2:54)
   4. Serf's Song (4:57)
   5. Come All Ye (4:25)
   6. Fiddler's Green (4:44)
   7. Devil Among the Tailors (2:19)
   8. MacPherson's Rant (2:54)

Vulcan's Hammer live at Stone Church (1975)
   9. With a Hip-Hip-Hip and a Holler! (5:07)
  10. John Barleycorn I (2:50)
  11. John Barleycorn II (5:02)
  12. When Autumn Skies Are Blue (2:20)

Vulcan's Hammer with the Hartley Morris Men (1991)
  13. Chicken on a Raft (5:26)

All tracks trad. arr. Vulcan's Hammer except
Tracks 1, 5 Fairport Convention arr. Vulcan's Hammer;
Track 3 G. Gilbert arr. Phil;
Track 4 G. Thomas arr. Graham;
Track 13 Cyril Tawney arr. Vulcan's Hammer

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