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24 January 2018
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Main 2008 » November » 26 Yezda Urfa - 1975 - Boris
Yezda Urfa - 1975 - Boris

01. Boris And His 3 Verses, Including Flow Guides Aren't My Bag - 10:51
02. Texas Armadillo - 1:51
03. Almost 4, 6 Yea - 8:49
04. To-Ta In The Moya - 10:56
05. Three Tons of Fresh Thyroid - 10:21

Brad Christoff
: drums, percussion
Phil Kimbrough: keyboards, mandolin, wind, vocals
Mark Tippins: guitar, vocals
Marc Miller: bass, cello, marimba, vibes, vocals
Rick Rodenbaugh: vocals

Beautiful record from the americans Yezda Urfa.
Their music is between Gentle giant and Yes.
This record was recorded as a demo for the radio stations and it was released in few copies.


Waiting time will fly, aching shoulders cry, sizing up the sky,
knowing when to die, wake up judgment is gone and lighting is bad.

Southward winds have blown, fertile soil you've grown, asking
answered not, granting all you've got, output lone frontier groaned dead, boxed and produced.

Talking down to God, old men screaming loud, sinners, eat your
words, gather up in herds, old face streaking down image, and the new way.

Waiting time will fly, aching shoulders cry, sizing up the sky,
knowing when to die,wake up judgment is gone and lighting is bad.

Songs I sing of this that and you won't it break through,
climaxed on the wind joined the din, we can't hear you.

Forward wards will reach as they teach, is it all new, silence
steals the waves as they break, don't they speak truth.

Now it's taking too long, write words for this song, not getting
along.  Watchful sentry smile at the grile burning lightless, hairless
people run watch the sun solar nonsense.

Strong this part must be strong, not getting along, three tolls
on the gong.  Laughing through the night, wasted fight, dried up car wash.
Linger let lie low, let me go, tuberous green squash.

Fall from ninety miles, into smiles, throw up good gosh.

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