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Thursday  24 May 2018
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39. Leonardo   (29 October 2008 15:16) E-mail
biggrin Great Great Great Site !!!
Saludos desde Argentina !
please ReUp "Sundragon - Listen To The Sky_The Complete Recordings 1964-1969"
Thanks !!!

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38. A. I.   (25 October 2008 10:09) E-mail
Kick ass site! scrollin thru the archives... is that the Josefus Halloween show from Dan Electro's in Houston?!! I wuz there!!! it was amazing they sounded exactly the same from way back! 0% cheese factor! i taped it with a crummy recorder,but sounds like junk PLEASE! PLEASE! Re-up! please re-up These Trails too...PLEASE!!!! lemme know & keep up the great work! THANKS THANX THANCZ!!!!

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37. jeff   (14 October 2008 17:01) E-mail
great blog.
wondering if you have a certain disc for post?
the band is "eyes of mind" tales of the turquoise umbrella? early 80's paisley/pop from l.a.. the record came out on voxx records and i believe has never been put out on cd. any help/info would be appreciated. thanks

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36. Donovan   (22 September 2008 07:12) E-mail
It's sites like this that are inspiring me to start my own music blog. When I find something essential to my ears through a blog like yours (if there is "one like yours"), I'm thrust into this manic quest for my own copy, and this is only good for everyone. When I see something interesting at a store that I can't hear, I simply jot it down and hit the blogs for a sneak. When I love it, I buy it! Thanks so much for a sight that is so inspiring and helpful to the otherwise helpless music addict.

Thank you!

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35. Huliganjetta   (09 September 2008 15:19)
I bloody love you, Lost-In-Tyme!!! hands

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34. agz   (30 August 2008 20:32)
Welcome back ! i missed your presence in the inter-worlds!!!

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33. Papphammar   (15 August 2008 01:48)
Hi Guys!

Absolutely Fuc**ng Amazing!! This is the most intelligent thing on the web since Tim Berners-Lee invented the whole thing in 1990! Not harming anyone – giving the best to everyone for free. Genius!! hands

Haven’t downloaded anything yet, but happy as child anyway. Brings great hope for (the music loving) humankind. music

I’m from Sweden and weirdly we don’t have a Nobel Prize in music. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize could be suitable for this great achievement, or at least the Polar Music Prize. I will do what I can... prof

Thanks so very much!! up

Kudos++ respect


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32. Tim Mahoney [srcstcbstrd]   (13 August 2008 05:53)
You know, I'm one of those thoughtless dicks that haven't left you any thanks for the posts and the work you do. I could give you a thousand excuses and plead for forgiveness but I'm afraid that all that may fall on deaf ears. I'll try and give thanks more often albeit, maybe not exactly when I upload your stuff. I've got a ton of stuff to listen to and with the beautiful summer weather, I don't really feel like staying indoors to get through all my new music (goddam, I wasn't going to use any excuses...sorry, it just slipped out).
Please keep up the good work and don't abandon all hope when dealing with thankless a-holes like myself.

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31. RONY [rony73]   (02 July 2008 23:55)
welcome back L.I.T.

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30. 24hrdejavu   (29 June 2008 19:35) E-mail
Very Happy to have you back
Got a lot of missing and vital sounds from you
Thanks again

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29. Keiron O'Donoughue [kizza]   (18 June 2008 17:11) E-mail
Fantastic! I was upset when the original site was shut down, so suffice to say I was over the moon when I noticed you guys were back online with a new site! Congratulations! And know that your hard work is greatly appreciated!

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28. el   (14 June 2008 22:44)
Hi, succes with your new website. It looks great. hands
I sure will visit it regularly. Good luck !
El , the netherlands smile

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27. BlackCatBone [BlackCatBone]   (08 June 2008 17:21) E-mail
hi my friend! keep the flag high!as allways . keep on create the best music ever !

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26. hasbro   (03 June 2008 07:57) E-mail
Please keep up the great work! Many thanks!

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25. David Kea [Vintaje]   (31 May 2008 10:34) E-mail
this site is the best...continue with rarities & classics.

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