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Tuesday  16 October 2018
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Unanswered Questions


We really can't explain why someone would spend even half an hour a day to find and delete our posts nor why someone would set the total extinction of Lost In Tyme from the Blogosphere as his goal.


Even more because there are a thousand blogs that offer downloads for records still in print, or for the most recent releases.
You can read more on this if you go to the Site Info/Archives page.

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hi ...i bought alls Moxies Boulders series volumes in the eighties on vinyl solution !
most of these compilation 're my bible for 30 years ?....
I dug live radio shows "Rock en Caux " in France for years .If u wanna dig some of these live shows go to
I try to push Boulders on the airwaves as B.F.T.G. / Pebbles / Nuggets / etc...
Need to get promo CD's from u ?
We 're favorable to introduce this kind of great sixties stuffs thru our Radio shows & futhermore thru our blog above .
Help !
JIM ( Patryck )

Thanks for the blog! I enjoy it quite a bit! By any chance do you The Index LP released on VOXX RECORDS to put up?

I lost Lost in tyme for a time: catastrophic HDD failure. I searched & searche to no avail until I remembered the project & that was my entre'.
I've LEARNED an enormous amount about psych music from you folk. I've discovered some of the best underground/forgotten/lost/overlooked music that's been hanging aout in the stratosphere waiting to be rediscovered.
Music doesn't really exist unless it's played &/or listened to.
You folk keep stuff ALIVE!

I remember visiting lost-in-tyme and seeing the amazing amount of work put in, I do have a certain amount of stuff to put back in the site, I have most of the Radio Caroline broadcasts, so I shall get them back up soon.
It is a shame that there are these sad lifeless people out there who ruin things like this, and seeing as there was a lot of long lost music on this awesome site, it's not as if anyone was being hurt!!
I also remember this site once featured in an English newpaper called The Guardian, so you must definitely have impressed some people due to the incredible gems that were on the site.
Here's to a renewed lost-in-tyme, and for more and more lost jewels, p.s is the old website tune up here yet? I believe it was an old Dutch band, I really liked that song biggrin

haters, hatin on real mu fuckas who doin they thing thing, quote tavis smiley 'keep the faith.'

thanks for the music

They know older music is better than what's being offered now and are afraid of the competition. As far as label-think goes, silence is better than listening to anything other that what they produce. They killed radio and now want to kill the internet.

What some people do is just beyond my comprehension, wankers! Visited the old site many times, amongst all the wierd and wonderfull stuff, found some little gems. Stick a link up to my blog if yer feeling generous, dunno if it's your thang whatever.

Someone who lacks a life or meaning with the one he or she has destroys others work. No happy harmonious person does that.

I'm more a Dj hippy kit kinda fan, but appreciate your dedicated work. One tip stay a way from major label releases and concentrate on underground music and deleters will lose interest in you.

I love Led Zeppelin and Mountain but I know if I posted their albums I would be asking for trouble.

Best wishes HPM

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