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Monday  21 January 2019
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Main » 2008 » May » 9 » We can't complain for lack of support
We can't complain for lack of support
Since the initial announcement about the "100 Mirrors project" we reveived over 80 invitations from friends of LiT and about 20 e-mails/comments from friends who were asking for instructions. We received several offers for help in creating a site in a dedicated server or in Wordpress, suggestions for other blogging services (ie WordBay) and a lot of comments asking us to go on. Some of our friends posted, in their own blogs, the 100 Mirrors links and/or information
about the recent situation of Lost In Tyme.

We owe you all a big thank you.

We have - in a weeks time - created over 30 of the 100 Mirrors and for the last few days we are working on this site.

Now, about 2 weeks later, there are almost 50 Mirrors up and there will be more. The invitations are over 100, so it seems that this project will eventually end as planned.
We will keep you informed.


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15 bizy b  
I've just been turned on to what you guys are doing and i'd like to be be a part of it...I'm always trying to find old music and make sure it doesn't end up getting lost forever, and you seem to be doing very well at the same thing. I'll be looking into the mirrors project, and let me know if you need any more (mirrors). I'm not very web savvy, but i learn quickly. Thanks in advance, -b

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14 Preacher  
thank you for the link...

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13 Cor  
Glad you're back LIT! You've always had some of the most amazing sounds out there and a great variety as well! Cheers!

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12 Cor  
Glad to have you back! You've got some of the best stuff out there!

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11 PaulNZ  
Thanks for commming back I have always foumd new or old posts at on your blog you have introduced me or reintroduced me to so much music which I genuinly thank you for. Thanks again

Yours Paul

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10 TCF  
so is this the new official home of lost in tyme?! It looks pretty snazzy, i have to say. What is this thing with the registration though, and why do you need all that info? I'm just kind of confused. Anyway i look forward to seeing this site blossom and grow to something even greater than it wa before!

P.S. If you want to reply to this please email me, as I don't think I'll remember to check this thread again

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9 Bernard  
welcome back !!! good job.

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8 VanGo  
Welcome back. Long may you run.

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7 kindsaluv  
you've done a great work, and i'm sure you'll do even better in the future. always grateful, good luck!

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6 glauber  
hey, welcome back!!!!!

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