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21 June 2018
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    Saturday, 16 August 2008

    Maffitt & Davies - 1968 - The Rise and Fall of Honesty

    (Capitol ST2999)

    Tracks :
    1 Just Like A Woman 5:04
    2 Landscape Grown Cold 4:06
    3 Big Time Man 2:30
    4 Kingswood Manor 3:52
    5 Time Of Towns 3:53
    6 Forest Lawn 3:14
    7 Tom Thumb's Blues 5:25
    8 City Sidewalks 3:18
    9 You'll Never Know 3:57
    10 Lungi Dal Caro Beni 2:37

    This is a case of an album that is better than the Common People and in a much better sleeve, but one where "Subtle" and "delicate" are the words to sum it up and not the heavy freak out you'd expect from the insane cover art of the duo amidst armageddon and a haunted house. With nearly all the songs cover versions including two by Dylan, but most old country standards you are instantly surprised when you hear what is done to the songs. The music on this record is very soft and extremely ancient sounding folk-psych with slight countr ... Read more »

    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 2354 | Added by: afroclonk | Date: 16 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1

    Friday, 15 August 2008

    Australian supergroup of the early 70s, don't pay attention to the horrible cover, this album has some great, rockin' songs and Bobbi Marchini was a powerfull singer, following the Janis Joplin tradition.

    In early '72 several Hunger members hooked up with producer-singer-songwriter G.Wayne Thomas, who had recently made his name with production and songs for the hugely successful MORNING OF THE EARTH soundtrack. Bobbi Marchini, John Robinson and Steve Webb became the core a new "supergroup" called Duck, with the lineup completed renowned jazzer and session pianist Bobby Gebert (who worked with many well-known rock bands including Tully), bassist Teddy Toi (ex-Aztecs, Fanny Adams, Wild Cherries and percussionist Larry Duryea (ex Tamam Shud.

    Thomas originally intended Duck as a 'studio-only' project, featuring only cover versions of songs by major overseas acts. No doubt this was to maximise his own earnings on the album (and presumably the group were only paid session rates). They recorded 16 tracks at Melbourne's TCS Studios, although only 12 were eventually released. Singer Jon English (ex- ... Read more »
    Category: Prog/Classic rock/Blues | Views: 3663 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Date: 15 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/3

    Thursday, 14 August 2008

    Although he only issued one single ("Never Mind"/"I'll Be Looking out for You" [EMI, 1967]), which sold poorly due to "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" being released on the same day, Elli continued to record demos throughout the rest of the '60s. His plaintive, slightly accented voice and gentle arrangements that sat somewhere between the Beatles and the Zombies have gained a wealth of admiration since Dig the Fuzz records released a mini-album consisting of his single and acetate recordings in 1999.

    Elli Meyer was born in Calcutta, India, in 1946, and moved to England during the swinging '60s to start work as a painter and decorator. As early as 1962, he was involving himself in the burgeoning music scene and began to sing in the local London group the Eagles, who went on to record for Pye. He then formed the Nutrons, but walked out to join the Ma ... Read more »
    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 2728 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Date: 14 August 2008 | Rating: 4.7/3

    Wednesday, 13 August 2008

    In their native Canada, Allan Fraser and Daisy Debolt are revered in the folk world by those lucky enough to have seen them perform. They influenced other musicians mostly from their live performances, not their recordings, and if it's true that they were even better live than on this LP, I'll gladly trade the entire "F" section of my collection for a video
    . (Aaron Milenski, Lama Reviews)

    Yes, Fraser & Debolt are a part of the folk history, although they were never famous, not even in the underground or folk circles. They released two LPs, on titled "Fraser & Debolt with Ian Gunther" in 1971 and "With Pleasure" two years later. It's very difficult to find another duo based on lead and harmony vocals, singing with more joy, so full of the life, the love and the music they were making.
    You can find a lot of reviews if you search a little, but all of them are about their first ... Read more »
    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 3563 | Added by: RainyDaySponge | Date: 13 August 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

    Tuesday, 12 August 2008
    I'll be away for vacations for the next 3 weeks....
    During this time we will continue our usual posting, but l 'll think very seriously if I want to continue with this blog/site...

    In the past months we did some hard work that seems none (or at least most) of you don't appreciate.
    I'm talking about comments....

    We have made 400 posts (new & re-posts) since the day that we open the new LiT...but the number of comments is smaller than the posts!
    There is about 1000 visitors per post have about 50-100 views the first day...I can understand that maybe you don't find the posts interesting, but I cannot understand those who read the posts and download the music and just sneak out without a trace.

    Recently we discovered that not only you don't bother to leave a comment here, but some of you,  right after you download and listen some rare and long lost record from Lost In Tyme, (i.e. made available for the first time in this blog), you go a put a rating or even a review in Rateyoumusic entry for this record!- you can check how the rating and reviews are multiplying after the date of post of this record in LiT. (add to this that sometimes even our scans of ... Read more »
    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 1397 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Date: 12 August 2008 | Rating: 4.0/4

    Monday, 11 August 2008

    A well constructed heavy-psych album from a Chicago trio, with meaty guitar riffs and full organ sounds. This kind of music was done to death in the early 70s, but "Bangor Flying Circus" was made in 1969 and it's still fresh and innovative. The extended use of organ does not make this "prog" and the guitar solos have been kept to acceptable legth. Last but not least, the vocals are human and "physical" and not the 'masculine' groan of the later attempts. It's a very well balanced album and worths a few listens at least.
    Formed by an ex-H.P.Lovecraft member, there are elements of Lovecraft's music here. You can find a little Vanilla Fudge, a little Lothar & The Hand People, a little jazz and plenty of perfect communication between the three musicians.

    A1 Violent Man
    A2 Come on People
    A3 Ode to Sadeness
    A4 Concerto for Clouds
    B1 A Change in Our Lives
    B2 Someday I'll Find
    B3 Mama Don't You Know (That Your Daughter's Acting Mighty Strange)
    B4 In the Woods
    B5 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

    Reissued in limited edit ... Read more »
    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 2513 | Added by: Lost-In-Tyme | Date: 11 August 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

    Saturday, 09 August 2008
    Blow Pops - I know Nancy/Stop (Get Hip GH-126, 1990)

    Two sides of anglophile psychedelia, delivered by John Francovic of Plasticland (who was the producer of this single). Blow Pops were the band of Mike Jarvis and Tim Buckley (real name?) from Milwaukee (I bet gomonkeygo knew them in person ;-)) and "I Know Nancy" deserves a place in any compilation of vibrating-multicolored-ornamented psychedelic songs from any era.

    ... Read more »
    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 3987 | Added by: RainyDaySponge | Date: 09 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/2

    Friday, 08 August 2008
    Ed Flowers has already gained a place in the (underground) rock mythology: from his early Gizmos days, to the current long-time-running Crawlspace, he delivered the most tripped-out wild rock music while he was influenced by the free jazz gods, like Sun-Ra and Ornette Coleman, and the most outer-space travelling, while he had his feet firmly on his MC5/Stooges roots.
    For an Eddie-written bio go here, for a complete discography here, where you can buy the band's recent stuff and uch more!

    What follows are excerpts from the three most respectable sites when it comes to the 80s (it's also a proof that Eddie Flowers and Crawlspace are a part of the secret rock history).

    Ind ... Read more »
    Category: Alternative/Punk | Views: 5071 | Added by: RainyDaySponge | Date: 08 August 2008 | Rating: 4.6/5

    Thursday, 07 August 2008

    Lafayette Afro Rock Band - 1973 - Soul Makossa

    First lp from the band in 71 French musidisc records !
    With some killer jazz afro funk dope cuts...

    Tracks :
    1 Soul Makossa (4:55)
    2 Azeta (6:26)
    3 M.F. Grayson (4:33)
    4 Oglenon Mono (8:32)
    5 Hihache (6:59)
    6 Voodounon (5:06)
    7 Right Foot (4:49)
    8 Nicky "First One" (6:01)

    Biography :
    Though little known in their native U.S., the Parisian-based Lafayette Afro Rock Band was among the premier funk outfits of the 1970s, later becoming a seemingly endless source of samples and breaks for artists from Public Enemy to Janet Jackson. The group was formed on Long Island, NY as the ... Read more »
    Category: Soul/Funk/Ethnic | Views: 37682 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Date: 07 August 2008 | Rating: 4.8/4

    Wednesday, 06 August 2008
    A bizarre and bizarrely wonderful all over the place collection of Glands mania, Nosejob should come with a warning sticker asking anyone who expects the slightest bit of cohesion to put the disc back unplayed. That's very much a compliment if you're into everything from teenage folkiness to full on chaos, and anyone thinking he or she has the artwork of Barbara Manning sorted out because of her solo and SF Seals work really needs to give this an ear and destroy some perceptions. Snippets of completely different and random performances are plopped down squarely in the middle of songs, edits are sudden and jarring, and things can jump from electrified mayhem to sepulchral spoken word just like that. And the thing is, it's grea ... Read more »
    Category: Alternative/Punk | Views: 2276 | Added by: RainyDaySponge | Date: 06 August 2008 | Rating: 0.0/0

    Tuesday, 05 August 2008

    Guillotine - 1971 - Guillotine

    (Ampex, A 10122)

    Tracks :
    A1 Hands of Children 4:31
    A2 Those Years Have Gone By 5:15
    A3 Don't Need Your Love 4:52
    A4 Anniversary 4:13
    A5 Feel Better 2:51

    B1 Crow Bait 2:35
    B2 If You Don't Call That Love 4:29
    B3 Jonathan 4:27
    B4 I Can't Believe It 10:39

    An album sung in English, recorded in London (England), and released by a New York record label (Ampex, who also published several albums by Canadian groups)... Who could guess this group came from Quebec? The sole hint is the predominance of French names in the lineup (whic ... Read more »
    Category: Prog/Classic rock/Blues | Views: 6106 | Added by: afroclonk | Date: 05 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/4

    Monday, 04 August 2008

    Bobby Boyd Congress (France) - 1971 - Bobby Boyd Congress
    (Okapi T 36.505)

    Tracks :
    A1 Straigt Ahead 2:55
    A2 In A Toy Garden 7:24
    A3 In A Strange Land 3:50
    A4 I'm Undecided 5:03

    B1 Train 3:13
    B2 It's Good To See Your Face Again 6:16
    B3 Are You Gonna Stay He While 2:16
    B4 Dig Deep In Your Soul 2:55
    B5 Bright Flowers 4:22

    Ultra rare French recording (little press less 300 ex in LP). A very good and collectible soul funk lp...
    This is Rare grooves, Deep Funk ! So many good titles, a full record.
    With the musical director Franck Abel and a special help from Pierre Jaubert ( ... Read more »
    Category: Soul/Funk/Ethnic | Views: 4383 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Date: 04 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1

    Sunday, 03 August 2008
    Trotsky Icepick started out as one of those bands that simply was going to baffle anyone who listened to them. Made up of members formerly in 100 Flowers and The Last, Trotsky Icepick initially started out with the unusual concept of changing the band name upon each release but retaining the album title, Poison Summer. Originally, this album was released under the band name Danny and the Doorknobs on clear vinyl, but was reissued as "Trotsky Icepick Presents Danny and the Doorknobs in Poison Summer". A rather lengthy title, indeed. This album is not to be confused with another Trotsky Icepick album called Poison Summer, which is where the band ap ... Read more »
    Category: Alternative/Punk | Views: 2542 | Added by: RainyDaySponge | Date: 03 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1

    Saturday, 02 August 2008
    The club was an immense pool hall, really, row after row of billiards tables surrounded by bikers and their women, punks trying to look like junkies and junkies like punks, old hippies with beads and bellies, barmaids with them perfect asses. Typical rock'n'roll environment. (from the liner notes)

    L.A. ROCK REVIEW (August 26th, 1988, Dirk Hanna) A mighty black disc rises over the eastern Santa Monica Mountains.  Instead of warmth it emits a powerful sonic assault and instead of light it shines raw anger tempered with a wry sense of humor.  This disc is the mighty "Gimme the Keys" compilation.  The colorful cover painting by those twisted old Flaming Lips themselves claim boldly that these are seven driving bands from L ... Read more »
    Category: Alternative/Punk | Views: 2134 | Added by: RainyDaySponge | Date: 02 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/1

    Friday, 01 August 2008

    Madrigal - 1971 - Madrigal
    (private press US psych)

    Tracks :
    1 Excursion 2:20
    2 Stoned Freakout 12:56
    3 The Ballad 2:56
    4 Places 3:41
    5 Tambula 8:42
    6 Fallen Tree 4:15
    7 Where You Going 3:20
    8 B.B's Finale 2:48

    WILLIAM HORN gtr, theremin, oscillator

    1(A) MADRIGAL (No label ARA/B 136) c1971 R4

    Early seventies private press from New Jersey.

    Experimental rock music with electronic drums (an early drum machine - the Maestro).
    A very primitive affair; sounds like it was recorded live in a basement.
    The record is dominated by an "anything goes" attitude, epitomised by the 14'00" Stoned Freakout featuring druggy chatt ... Read more »
    Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 4447 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Date: 01 August 2008 | Rating: 5.0/2

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