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24 January 2018
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Main » 2008 » September » 6 » Utopian Fields - 1990 - White Pigeon, You Clean...
Utopian Fields - 1990 - White Pigeon, You Clean...

Utopian Fields - 1990 - White Pigeon, You Clean...
(COSLP 003)

Tracks :
A1 Pictures of Ages 10:27
A2 Valley of Decision I 4:32
A3 Change Within 11:00

B1 Hazy & Puzzling 5:25
B2 Fly on Days 12:16
B3 Valley of Decision II & III 6:44

Band members :
G.W. Holtan : purcussion, drums
Atle Bystrøm Olsen : guitars
Tom Inge Andersen : bass
Bård Tufte Johansen : vocals, voices
Tor Øyvind Follegg : organ, piano, ect.
Tor Odin Dahl : guitars

The band existed between 1988 and 1991, and recorded three albums: Utopian Fields (1989), White pigeon, you clean... (1990) and A young mans dream and the future now (1991). The first two were released on vinyl on the recordlabel Colours, and the third never got to be released... The mastertape is still in the hands of the people behind the long gone recordcompany Colours...

In the year 1989 Norwegian progressive rock label Colours released Utopian Fields debut album as their very first release. The bands second and last album was also released by Colours, in 1990. The main format for the releases from Colours was the vinyl LP, and both of Utopian Fields albums exist on vinyl only. Utopian Fields had expectations for a career in progressive rock. Yet they wasn't around for so long. Their music was inspired by the classic progressive rock from the seventies. And mainly marked by a gentle, relaxed atmosphere with a little bit of sadness. Nice music to relax with. Acoustic guitar is extensively used. Very tasteful. Or, as the label wrote in their catalogue about the second album: "Strong duelling guitars, often acoustic, dreamy organ and a curious rhythm section makes this a progressive feast." (but that was a commercial of course). For Norwegian visitors I have to mention, just for fun, that the singer on the second album is Bård Tufte Johansen. Today, well known comedian on our television (Lille Lørdag, Åpen Post). And he sings good too.

MySpace :

This is probably my last post...
Your behavior it's at least ridiculous !

~Opa-Loka a.k.a. Lost-In-Tyme
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