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Tuesday  18 June 2024
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Peter Tosh - 1977 - Equal Rights Demos [Bootleg]
woodstock69Date: Thursday, 15 May 2008, 00:27 | Message # 1
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Peter Tosh - 1977 - Equal Rights Demos [Bootleg]


01 400 Years
02 Hammer
03 Jammin' Inna Jam Down
04 Vampire
05 Babylon Queendom
06 Can't Blame The Youth
07 Know Them A Wicked
08 Get Up, Stand Up
09 [Fight] Apartheid

The origins of the material found here is a true ROIO - recordings of indeterminate origin. For instance, 400 Years was a Tosh composition he sang on The Wailers' Catch A Fire album in 1972. The version here sounds undubbed, less sparkling guitars. But was this demoed for Catch A Fire? Or was Tosh planning to put this on Equal Rights?

Of the nine tracks, only two - Get Up, Stand Up and Apartheid - made the final cut on Equal Rights. Officially, Vampire turned up finally on the No Nuclear War LP in 1987. Babylon Queendom was part of his live setlist during his 1976 tour in America and can be found in a live version of the Live And Dangerous album. The version here is a studio recording.

While Can't Blame The Youth was first[?] recorded with The Wailers in 1973 and part of the posthumous Bob Marley and The Wailers album, Talkin' Blues released in 1991. This song was never on any Tosh album until after his death in 1987.

The tracks Hammer, Jammin' Inna Jam Down and Know Them A Wicked appear to be unreleased in any official form at least not on a mainstream record label.

But in the early '70s, while Bob Marley formed his Tuff Gong label, Tosh set up Intel Diplo HIM which stood for Intelligent Diplomat For His Imperial Majesty and released in limited quantites 7-inch singles in Jamaica. Can't Blame The Youth was an Intel Diplo release in 1974. And again in 1980 with Hammer on the b-side. Babylon Queendom was released as a single in 1976 on Intel Diplo as was Vampire in 1977.

These lost tracks have been assembled on this collection under the title Equal Rights Demos and first shared on the Demonoid site. The two tracks - Get Up, Stand Up and [Fight] Apartheid - are different from the released CBS versions.

Peter Tosh was not one to mince his words. He was a straight talking fellow who called Chris Blackwell of Island Records "Whiteworst". He infused his songs with social messages more so than Marley. His first international album, Legalize It, was to champion ganja while his second was Equal Rights. He won a Grammy in 1987 for No Nuclear War. Tosh was shot dead Sept 11, 1987 when robbers broke into his house.

We wonder what Tosh would have had to say about the millennium and the habit of sharing music on the net? Here are some clues from his Tosh-isms, words conjured from Peter Tosh's imagination:

"City" -> "Shitty"
"Disc jockey" -> "District johncrow" (johncrow is a Jamaican vulture)
"Judge" -> "Grudge"
"L.A." -> "Hell A" (Los Angeles)
"Lawyer" -> "Liar"
"Managers" -> "Damagers"
"New York City" -> "Boo York Shitty"
"Politics" -> "Politricks"
"Prime Ministers" -> "Crime Ministers"
"Situation" -> "Shituation"
"System" -> "Shitstem"
"Technology" -> "Tricknology"
"Producer" -> "Reducer"


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