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30 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » July » 30 » Can Am Des Puig - 1978 - The Book of AM (Pts. I & II)
Can Am Des Puig - 1978 - The Book of AM (Pts. I & II)


This is without any doubt one of this year’s most stunning and spectacular releases!!!
Book Of Am were a communal hippie-folk outfit consisting of musicians from various countries (England, France & Spain) who lived on the Balearic Islands.
Their initial plan was to release four LP’s in combination with a beautifully illustrated book, full of mind expanding art, focussing on world folklore and various traditions.
In the end however (we’re talking mid 70’s here) the costs of realisation were too high, and –though the music for all 4 records already was put to tape- the eventual release got stripped down to ‘just’ one LP, coming with a gatefold sleeve i.s.o. the complete book. Which obviously didn’t keep this unbelievable album from becoming a major collector’s idem. Now, some 30 years later, Wah Wah Records at last present the book (over 100 pages!) in its full glory, together with 2 LP’s/CD’s. (A reissue of the original LP, plus a record/disc featuring many highlights of the unreleased material.)

Musically this is superb, extremely psychedelic and mystic folk with haunting melodies full of exotic instrumentation and trippy elements. This 2006 Book Of Am edition is a (soaking wet) dream come true for all connoisseurs of acid-, psych- and freakfolk.

You can read an expert review here

Reissued in 500 copies by Wah Wah records but it's long OOP !
According to this page (I don't know if it has been updated recently) you can buy one of the very last copies and here (in Gong's site) they discovered a couple of forgotten copies.
If you can find it - take it, it's a real piece of art!

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