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Thursday  20 June 2019
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54. Efstathiou Stathis [metallsta]   (09 April 2012 10:11) E-mail

can you repost "Salem 66"'s "Natural Dusasters"

Thank you very much

Efstathiou Sathis

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53. TrucrarWady   (12 January 2010 02:01) E-mail

Just wanted to say hello as im new here and i hope i can meet some nice people on this awesome forum !

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52. Korn Helius [kornhelius]   (24 August 2009 22:45)
Hello there,
glad to join the lost-in-tyme bunch of freaks whine listening to Spirit, one of the great forgotten treasure of teh past.
Love and cheers to everyone from France.

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51. Cy   (18 May 2009 22:58) E-mail
Hi Lost in Tyme
I'm not sure about what's happening here but it looks like you have a job to do. It looks like you are on the case and the best of luck in all you do. The internet should free things up not close things down.

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50. B C [BC]   (21 March 2009 09:32)
any chance you could post the Girls in Garage series, I tried the links on the old blogspot Tyme After Tyme, but they were dead, then I found some of the files on another blog but half of them are French, not Girls in the Garage, as time goes I hope you'll put up some of the other stuff from there as well, some of the old links still working, but many are not,

THANK YOU, for blogging, BC

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49. Tommy Gun [tommygun]   (03 March 2009 14:44)
.......great to see you are back!!!

Lost In Tyme is the best I've came across.

Why are most of the links to music are greyed out and can not be clicked?

I was hoping you get things worked out.

It would be nice to have access to the music like before.

Please give me a quick reply and let me know if I am doing something wrong
All the best for the future.......

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48. Jim Schantz [aaaardavark]   (17 January 2009 07:58)
Your site was and is great! Just last week I downloaded the Rubble series records that I did not already own on vinyl. Now I'm getting ready to burn them and I can't find the link again to get the artwork (vol. 6 at least is lacking it). Is there a link to pictures of the covers?


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47. Tim   (04 January 2009 18:52) E-mail
Happy good record year,

Found your site yesterday.. Great the music you have gave us... Any needs of records...

Greeting from Holland

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46. Citizen   (13 December 2008 15:41) E-mail
This site is class. Your hardwork is appreciated as is the chance to get some good old classics and rarities on MP3 at last. The Soul selection is quality

Thanks to all

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45. Pyke [pyke76]   (28 November 2008 03:13)
also SHALLOW REIGN - PAINT THE FLOWERS ALL BLACK from the Deep Ellum collection - an 'almost paisley' american alternative classic from the 80s. Post it if you've got it...would make a lot of people happy biggrin

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44. Pyke [pyke76]   (28 November 2008 03:11)
REQUEST: 80s alternative pop band called ICONS - song called CHANGE -
i've searched around the web quite a lot - couldn't find anything except an entry somewhere saying that a band with the same name released an lp in the 80s called ART IN THE DARK. if anyone knows anything let me know - if u have it POST

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43. Erik the swede   (22 November 2008 16:53)
Holy f*ck. This blog is THE SHIT!!!

I´ve never discovered so much good music as after browsing through your blog.

So for the love of good; keep up with the good work.
And if you guys ever feel that you´re unappriciated - think of me and my mad love for what you´re doing!!!

Take care,


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42. A   (18 November 2008 07:33)
Really awesome site, I've been introduced to so much great music since i found you guys! I've got my eye on a few albums in the archives that I can't wait to be posted thumb

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41. Alan Smithee   (17 November 2008 01:17)
J Thyme did you ever have any luck finding that Renata Lu LP you were looking for ? If you did I'd really appreciate it if you could post.

Nice to see you still going despite the content Mafia trying to bust you.


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40. Kees Kulk [CJKulk]   (29 October 2008 23:35)
Is there anybody on earth who can mail me a mp3 copy of "Flower for my friends" by Joyce's Angels?
I'm alreay searches for a long time !
I would be veryy grateful

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