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Wednesday  24 July 2024
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[31 December 2010] Cosmic Trip Machine - Vampyros Roussos (2009) The Curse of Lord Space Devil (2010)
[28 December 2010] A Bunch of Fronds
[24 December 2010] Smell Of Incense / Ethereal Counterbalance (split EP, 1997)
[15 December 2010] Evel Gazebow - 2010 - A Message to Your Mind
[11 December 2010] The Tricks of the Sun - 2007 - The Tricks of the Sun
[22 November 2010] The Magnificent Brotherhood - 2010 - Dope Idiots‏
[14 October 2010] Baby Scream - 2010 - Baby Scream
[08 October 2010] St. Atom HRT605 - 2010 - Smiling Autumn Leaves
[05 October 2010] James McKeown - 2010 - James McKeown
[24 April 2010] The Vertigo Swirl - 2010 - A New Swirled Record

 Site Info & Archives

This is Lost-In-Tyme's new site.
As it is a site and not just a blog, you can now enjoy our forum discussions, read lengthy articles about Lost In Tyme (but not forgotten) bands and artists, and of course visit our blog for a trip back in Time with some of the best (and rarest) music you can listen.

Once again we want to make clear that we post only records that are out of print and you can't buy them at the record stores (physical or digital). The only way to find some of them is to pay a good deal of money for a used copy, and several you can't find them at all. In the 21 months of Lost In Tyme first circle we received over 50 e-mails or comments from the artists themselves, saying thanks for posting their music. Someday we will post these comments (at least what we could rescued - because several were deleted along with Lost In Tyme).
So, if an artist/band don't want his/her music posted here, or a label has re-released a record (and we're not aware of this) or if someone of our visitors knows that something we've posted is still in print (and provide the link to prove it) just send an e-mail or make a comment about it. We will remove the link and we will replace it with the link pointing to the site where one can buy the record or the artist's site. It's that simple. We don't want to harm anybody, especially the artists we love.

Remember that this site was made with just this in mind: the gathering of music lovers, the exchange of any knowledge we may have about this kind of music and the discovering of Lost In Tyme music.

We are waiting for your comments, suggestions etc. about this site, in the Guestbook page. You are very welcome to contribute if you like and of course to participate in Lost In Tyme's forum, where we hope that out friends will find interesting threads.



In the following links you can see everything posted in Lost In Tyme from its start (July 2006) until March 2008.
In these posts there were always  reviews about the record and/or information about the artists
, so if you see something interesting and you want to find more about it, just search for it in any of the 100 Mirrors blogs (at the right column of the page). It would be wonderful if we could include the comments of these posts in the 100 Mirrors archives, many of them by the artists themselves, but that would mean so much more work to do that the whole Mirrors project would be impossible to take shape.

We are re-posting selected albums from the LiT archives in this site, but for the time being you can find them in 100 Mirrors.
(Warning: Lost In Tyme's archives include about 1800 posts - over 2000 records)

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