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30 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 3 » Leopards - Magic Still Exists (1987)
Leopards - Magic Still Exists (1987)

This is the second and last LP from the Leopards. It  came out on Voxx records in 1987. That's where "Psychedelic Boy" (also released  as a 7" and included in the "Be A Caveman" compilation) comes from.

Track  list
Block Party
Back On The Track
Empty People
Last  Night
Harlean's House
Psychedelic Boy
Chief Red Scar's Herbal Cure  Show
It Can Happen To You
I'm Drowning
Dusty  Treasures
Maggie Lane

Dennis Pash -gtr, pno, hmca, pcsn,  vcls
Ross Inden -bs, pcsn, vcls
James Bordy - gtr, vcls
Dennis Bouch -  drms, pcsn

Surprisingly enough the record was engineered by Brett  Gurewitz of Bad Religion and Epitaph Recs who also lend them instruments and  amps!

By the time the Leopards got around to releasing another album,  more than a decade later than 'Kansas City Slickers', the Kinks had a lower  profile than ever, which makes Magic Still Exists a most welcome arrival. On its  opening track, the hyper "Block Party," the band threatens to stake out a style  of its own; after that, Pash and friends get back to business, sounding as  wonderfully Kinky as ever. Here's hoping they do it again in 1999.[Ira Robbins / Scott Schinder]

Today Dennis Pash is living in a college town just west of Kansas City, Kansas, playing traditional string music on a Riverboat with  another member of the original Kansas City lineup of the Leopards.
There is  also a demo tape from the same period of the Voxx album.

Magic Still  Exists is the best Kinks' album of the '80s.

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