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22 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 6 » Ruth Copeland - Gimme Shelter
Ruth Copeland - Gimme Shelter

Ruth Copeland (feat. Parliament) - Gimme Shelter_The  Invictus Sessions

Track Listings
01. Prologue: Child Of The  North
02. Thanks For The Birthday Card
03. Your Love's Been So Good To  Me
04. Music Box
05. Silent Boatman
06. To William In The Night
07.  No Commitment
08. I Got A Thing For You Daddy
09. Gift Of Me
10.  Medal
11. Crying Has Made Me Stronger
12. Hare Krishna
13. Suburban  Family Lament
14. Play With Fire
15. Don't You Wish You Had (What You Had  When You Had It)
16. Gimme Shelter

Two very rare funk-soul albums (on  one disc) which George Clinton's Parliament were the backing band as Ruth  Copeland was an integral part of the early 70's band. Copeland effortlessly  blends soul, funk,blues, psychedelia and acoustic material onto these albums.  The second album 'I Am What I Am' had an incredible version of the Stones  classic 'Gimme Shelter'. Funk out! ~ Freak Emporium

Rare funky work  by Ruth Copeland -- a Detroit-based female rock singer, but one who worked with  George Clinton on a number of her tracks -- giving her albums a hard funky sound  that's right up there with early work by Parliament or Funkadelic! The CD  features both Ruth's albums for the Invictus label -- Self Portrait and I Am  What I Am -- the former of which has great work by Clinton, who also wrote a  number of the songs. Titles include "Your Love Been So Good To Me", which starts  with a very fuzzy electric break, and "I Got a Thing For You Daddy", which has  some great spacey guitars on the intro! Other cuts include "Child of the North",  "The Medal", "Gimme Shelter", "Play With Fire", "Hare Krishna", "Suburban Family  Lament", "No Commitment", "A Gift of Me", and "The Music Box".

Category: Soul/Funk/Ethnic | Views: 3727 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Rating: 5.0/1 |

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