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22 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 8 » Lord John - Six Days of Sound (1986) re-upped
Lord John - Six Days of Sound (1986) re-upped

Bucketfull of Brains: This album is so good, mere words won't do it justice. Through a dense psychedelic wall of sound emerge melodies and lyrics of intricate beauty, and surprisingly powerful songs with an endearing naivete. Initially, the intensity of sound and extended arrangements are difficult to penetrate, but perseverence pays off. The barrage of effects is not there to conceal any inadequacies, rather they begin with great songs which develop into a compelling electrical confusion.It's hard to find any bad tracks, but certain ones stand out above the others. "Step Upside Down" at the start of side one is a psychedelic classic, as you'd expect with a title like that. "My World Dies Screaming" is also as good as you'd imagine. But the hidden gem is "All Over Me" which is easy to overlook, with ethereal vocals over a beautifully understated backing. I can't recommend this album highly enough. It's my favourite amongst lots of favourites this year. Well worth a careful listen.
from Underground, 7/87:If you could wish for the ripest rock psychedelia played like punk for all its psychological worth, then need I say that New Jersey's Lord John are a dream. There's one pair of granny glasses and one paisley shirt on the cover, and there's little advance in the sound to tell you that this record was made in 1987, but Six Days is still new in its revisionism. It all drips with echo, reverb and voices disappearing up wind-tunnels, as melodies chime hazily or stamp recklessly on duelling colour-guitars. If you wish The Jam had been smitten with Syd Barrett rather than Pete Townshend, then the genie has delivered. Brilliant. --Martin Aston
Goldmine:Occasionally recalling Echo & the Bunnymen, REM, late '60s Prety Things, Dream Syndicate, and even Hawkwind, New Jersey's Lord John have a debut that's more often than not impressive and should help them to win over neo-psychedelic fans.Much of Lord John's strength lay in lead guitarist Ray Normandy, who shoulders the bulk of the musical end. He's powerful but also aware of melodic structure. Normandy will take things to the edge, but he knows when to pull back, too. Along with solid vocals, which run the gamut of spry pop, acid-tinged psychedelia, and moody post-punk, and rich material, Lord John has a lot to rave about.-- Chip LameyThese are only a few of the reviews that received this LP (on Bomb! records). Why then there was no follow-up? Why the record never reissued on CD, as many of Voxx/Bomb releases and is out-of-print? I must add that they have a minor success (in certain circles) and the greek label Hitch-Hyke released (or imported - I don't remeber) localy.
Lord John disbanded after that, two of the members formed the Narc Twins who recorded but didn't released anything (they only had a few tapes and some recordings on around 2000 - which I could post).
Their pages are here: Lord John (with a few tracks of Six Days of Sound LP) and Narc Twins

Ray Normandy gtr, vcls, kbds

John Figler drms
Thomas Gibson vcls, gtr
Thomas Stanton bs

Step Upside Down

Blue and Green
Paint My Eyes
The Final Solution
My World Dies Screaming
West Miniature Abbey
Love's Something Else
All Over MeI Walk Alone
Things That Have Been

Here's what Ray Normandy (Fracalossy) wrote to Lost-In-Tyme about this post

Ray from Lord John here,..
It's ultra cool you posted the Lord John lp at the Lost in Tyme blog. I hope it turns lots of people on,..
could you do likewise with the Narc Twins?

You can take a look here for the fiction book he has writen, entitled 'Tales From The Vinegar Wasteland'
and wait for the Narc Twins tracks in the next days.
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