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24 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 12 » The Things - 1986 - Outside My Window
The Things - 1986 - Outside My Window
The Things - 1986 - Outside My  Window

One of the more obscure bands of the Southern  California paisley underground scene in the mid-'80s, the Things had three  albums released in the mid 80s, two on Voxx and a third on Epitaph. You can find  their first (Coloured Heaven, 1984) in Twilightzone, with a semi-negative review  by R.Unterberger.
Certainly songwriter/singer/guitarist Steve Crabtree's  chief musical inspiration was Arthur Lee, but he managed to make some truly  inspired songs and to built a sound, which could distinguish them from the mass.  In 'Outside My Window', their best record, Things weren't the crazed Fuzzones or  the freaked-out Plan 9, they had a more "cool" approach to psychedelia, not very  far from Green Pajamas, though definately more rockin'. They were known in the  California scene as fine players with great musicianship, and real good live  performers.

'Outside My Window' had a better distribution than their other  releases, issued on Voxx and licenced to Hitch-Hyke (Greece) and Lolita  (France), though it never had a re-release on vinyl or CD and it's long  out-of-print.

Line-up: Steve Crabtree - vcls, gtr, kbds / Larry Klein -  gtr, vcls / Bob Wier - bs, vcls/ Roy McDonald - drms, pcsn

Track  listing
1 Outside My Window
2 Can't Get Enough
3 Love Is Gone
4 Take  the Chance
5 Everytime
6 All Work and No Play
7 You Can't Deliver
8  Look What You're Doing
9 I've Been Nowhere
10 Young and Wild

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