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24 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 14 » Gaa - 1975 - Alraunes Alptraum
Gaa - 1975 - Alraunes Alptraum

Gaa - 1975 - Alraunes Alptraum

Tracks :
1 Autobahn (6:28)
2 Heilende Sonne (3:55)
3 Morgendammerung (9:52)
4 Tabbert (4:41)
5 Du (5:32)
6 Inspektion (3:55)
7 Warum (6:03)

Band Members :
Stefan Dorr Drums
Werner Frey Guitar, Vocals
Gunter Lackes Organ, Piano

Review :
The first three tracks from 1975 are from an aborted second album, and the last four were recorded about a decade later with some of Gaa's members and others. The first three are classic Gaa, similar to the Uranus material, though with better fidelity, less rough around the edges. The track "Morgendammerung," an instrumental, even stretches further out from Gaa's rock trappings. It starts with a ticking noise and slowly building keyboard tones, moves to a jazzier middle section, and then getts even more funky with a rolling bass riff and odd percussion noises. The newer tracks, recorded one per year between 1984 and 1987, are far more conventional rock & roll; "Tabbert" is excruciatingly mainstream, whereas "Du" and "Warum" are a little better, as the group attempts to capture the magic of earlier Gaa, and "Inspektion" even flirts with synth pop. Needless to say, these tracks pail compared to the 1975 stuff.
~Rolf Semprebon, All Music Guide

Albums :
Auf Der Bahn Zum Uranus 1974
Alraunes Alptraum 1999 (recorded 1975)

Originally posted by 00i00

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