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02 October 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 17 » The Untold Fables - 1985 - Every Mother's Nightmare
The Untold Fables - 1985 - Every Mother's Nightmare
My name is Paul Carey. Back in the '80s (May 1984 to February 1988 specifically) I was the lead singer for The Untold Fables. The other Untold Fables were Jon Niederbrach on guitar, Robert Butler (later of The Miracle Workers) on bass, and Paul Sakry on drums. Although we were mainly associated with the mid-'80s LA Psychedelic/Garage revival scene that grew out of a club called The Rave Up, and later moved to Greg Shaw's Cavern Club, our music also included strong influences from '70s Punk and '50s Rhthym & Blues.

Our first release, a remake of "I Try" by The Young Tyrants, was for VOXX Records' Battle Of The Garages Volume 3 (which is now available on the Battle Of The Garages Part Two CD). In Spring of '85 we recorded our first LP, Every Mother's Nightmare, for Lee Joseph's Dionysus Records at West Beach Studios in LA. Lee Joseph produced it with a lot of input from Robert, and sound engineering by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion). The album was finally released about a year later.

In Summer of 1986 and Spring of 1987 we had two more recording sessions, this time at South Coast Studios in Santa Ana (where both No Doubt and the Offspring recorded demos before anyone knew who they were) with my brother, David Carey, producing. Eleven songs from these session were later compiled for our second LP, Aesop's Apocalypse, that was released in early 1989 about a year after we split up. The two LPs may still be available from Dionysus's Mail Order department. Over the course of our four years together we had the pleasure of playing with great bands of the time like Redd Kross, The Dead Milkmen, Thee Fourgiven, The Unclaimed, The Telltale Hearts, The Morlocks, The Pandoras, The Beguiled, Yard Trauma, Lazy Cowgirls, The Red Devils, John Doe, and many others. Currently the four of us are working with Lee to compile a CD collection of Untold Fables tracks from our various vinyl releases as well as a few unreleased live and demo tracks.

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