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30 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » December » 26 » Beatnik Flies - From Parts Unknown (1984)
Beatnik Flies - From Parts Unknown (1984)

A group from Washington, DC scene, better known in Europe, than in the U.S. Their first record, 'From Parts Unknown' was originally released on Dacoit (Kim 'Slickee Boys' Kane's label) and was produced by Mark Noone, another Slickee Boy. It was reissued in 1986 by the french label New Rose. Their second LP, 'Behind These Walls' was released in 1988 again on New Rose. In the 90s they released 'PsychoMetalPop - The Lost Cause of the Beatnik Flies', a compilation CD from their LPs. They reunited in 2004. In their website they're announcing a new record (end of 2005) which apparently never came out. -Edit: the record came out! see the comments.
Beatnik Flies were considered part of the garage/psychedelic revival of the 80s, but I don't think this is totally accurate. Their sound in this LP, although guitar-based, and having certainely psychedelic touches, could be described as "garage-with-brains", owing much to the Slickee Boys, who dominated the DC scene. They play some streightforward rock tracks, garage-surf tunes (as Brain Waves), Nuggets-like psychedelia (Message from the Undergound), they even play a Lennon song (I found out). They definitely know how to play their instruments, they have humor and, I'm sure, they were having fun, playing the music they like, without considering to be part of the one or the other genre. I guess that's what underground is all about.

Joe Dolan vcls, gtr / John Stone gtr, vcls /Kenny Bugg bs, vcls /Britt Malmgren drms, vcls

Everybody's Dancin'
Umbali Wali Sleep
Be A Man
Brain waves
Message from the underground
Black Diamond Halo
Luxury Dreamride
Beatnick Fly theme
I found out
Wombat Voodoo


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