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22 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » July » 25 » NON
Non is essentially the one-man project of noisemonger and provocateur Boyd Rice, whose solo work is virtually interchangeable with that released under his Non alias. Rice's first work, originally titled The Black Album, consisted of looped bits of girl-group and bubblegum songs worked into a numbing drone; it was released in 1981 by Mute under the title Boyd Rice. Subsequent Non releases like the antagonistic Physical Evidence (1982) and the textured noise of Blood and Flame (1987) pushed the limits of aural accessibility. A compilation of Non's '80s material, some of it non-LP, was released in 1991 under the title Easy Listening for Iron Youth. In the mid-'90s, Rice has revived Non often; 1992's In the Shadow of the Sword focused on social Darwinism, while 1995's Might! was an opus of musically backed poetry inspired by author Ragnar Redbeard's (likely Jack London) Might Is Right. NonGod and Beast in 1997, sporting the clearest production to date on any of their works. Receive the Flame followed in early 2000 and Children of the Black Sun in 2002, the latter accompanied by a DVD 5.1 mix of the album.
~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

1995 - Might!

Tracks :
1 No Nirvana (prelude)
2 Ye Who Fall
3 Credo
4 Ultimatum
5 Force
6 Deletion
7 Warring Atoms
8 Evolution
9 No Nirvana
10 The Immolation Of Man
11 Logic Of The Spheres
12 Great Destroyers

"MIGHT!". Brute force-power in its most elemental form.

Lyrically and musically challenging, "MIGHT!" is a journey through Ragnar Redbeard's controversial "Might Is Right" (which was penned nearly a century ago); a little known masterpiece which is considered by many to be the definitive explosion of Darwinian law as it applies to man, his world and his nature. The album combines the hard noise extremity of earlier NON recordings, with background ambience and a revised attitude to the use of words and sounds. And, as always, NON challenges the listener to question the standard notions of what is decent and proper in a civilised world.

1997 - God & Beast

Tracks :
1 God & Beast
2 Between Venus & Mars
3 Millstones
4 The Coming Forth
5 The Law
6 Lucifer, The Morning Star
7 Out Out Out
8 Phoenix
9 Total War

God and Beast features the best production thus far on any Non release, courtesy of Ken Thomas (David Bowie, Slade, Paul McCartney, etc.). The album finds Boyd Rice delving into his trademark experimental noise, combining new material with remakes of previous tracks "Total War" and "Out Out Out."
~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

more info @ Wikipedia

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