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24 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » July » 26 » Garrett Lund - 1975 - Almost Grown
Garrett Lund - 1975 - Almost Grown
World In Sound Garrett Lund : Almost Grown (US,1975)

Tracks :
1 The Only Turnaround
2 Serene
3 Silver Sails
4 One More Reason
5 Think Of The Children
6 Country Livin'
7 Stop The World
8 Baby Blue
Bonus Tracks:
9 Never Gonna Take It Slow
10 Over And Under
11 Reflections On Earth
12 Bonny
13 Serene - Alt. Version

Garrath Lund was part of the Caretakers, a band which opened before the great psychrock bands of that time. He recorded this album but no label was interested. Releasing it privately it sold with the help of radio promotion 2000 copies in less than two weeks, but still there was no label to release it officially. So after 26 years this finally is the first release.

The album can be compared to the kind of albums of singer-songwriters with a deeper concentration to the music with electric arrangements, far away from other influences and with a time taken to develop, like what John Saint Field or so did, but here with a west coast direction, and with some attention to some sweet acidic development of the electric guitar, backed by a rock band.

The voice goes from normal to higher notes, with emotional calm perspectives with closed eyes.
"Serene" has a fine production of keyboards (mellotron and electric piano by Angie Gudino).

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