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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » July » 29 » Circulus - 1999 - Giantism [EP]
Circulus - 1999 - Giantism [EP]
Circulus - 1999 - Giantism [EP]

1 Little Big Song
2 The True Lover's Farewell
3 My Lady Carey's Dompe
4 Everglade
5 Sombrero Fallout
6 All You People

The tracks differ from various UK acid folkrock drenged pop to acid folk pop. Included is also a beautiful folk version of the medieval "My Lady Carey's Dompe". The folk pop songs are nice too. The accompanying instrumental work out is very colourful and with proportioned contrasts. In that way the usual way to interprete / elaborate traditionals has been beautifully enriched.

Other quotes from a review of Giantism in Ptolomaic Terrascope :
..."Fronted by the delightfully-named Emma Steele, a vocalist who has clearly spent an hour-or-two in the thrall of Celia Humpries, and with devastating skills invested throughout its membership, not least in the West-Coast guitar work of Eric Anholm and various instruments of Michal Tyack (guitar,lute, banjo and saz), Circulus are poised to storm the citadel of electric tradition in emphatic fasion."...

..."The songs are both craftily constructed and the instrumentation thrusts them into the realm of the extraordinary : make no mistake, Circulus are traditionalist with panache and folk-rock torchbleachers of Olympian proportions."

You can find an Interview Here

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