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30 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » September » 18 » Brainticket - 1971 - Cottonwoodhill
Brainticket - 1971 - Cottonwoodhill
Brainticket - 1971 - Cottonwoodhill

Tracks :
1 Black Sand 4.03
2. Places Of Light 4.03
3 Brainticket (Part One) 8.18
4 Brainticket (Part One - Conclusion) 4.35
5 Brainticket (Part Two) 13.12

the band :
- Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Organ, Flute
- Ron Bryer: Guitar
- Werni Frohlich: Bass Guitar
- Cosimo Lampis: Drums
- Wolfgang Paap: Tabla
- Dawn Muir: Voice
- Hellmuth Kolbe: Potentiometers, Generators and Aound Effects

Review by HeadHeritage :

Next time you feel like getting fried, listen to this! But never mind the first two songs on Cottonwoodhill; they are both a rather ho-hum affair. The real brillance on this disc is to be found throughout their 26 minute acid-fueled masterpiece, "Brainticket", the basis of which is a slightly varrying guitar/keyboard lock groove, kinda like Can at their most repetitive. Over this groove pulses all sorts of sound effects, such as machine guns, screams, gargeling, etc. Mostly, though, the overriding sound is their synthesizer, who, although not in the league of Klaus Sculze, nonetheless provides some very entertaining squawks, squeeks, beeps and drones, resulting is a very high-powered burst of aphetimene driven psychosis, dancable and meditative (but meditative in a disturbing, scary way).

But Brainticket the band doesn't stop there, and what really makes "brainticket" the song transcend ordinary greatness in pursuit of nutty brilliance is the voice of Dawn Muir. Sounding very Engish, she freaks out over the whole thing, recounting a very bad acid trip, doubting her exsistence, screaming her LSD-fueled insights, and just generally making a complete mess of herself.

...Suddenly you realize that the insanity is contageous, as the song stops, revealing a weird computer voice going "Brainticket Brainticket Brainticket" and you are left wondering just what the fuck is going on,just what is this I'm listening to? But then the song fades back in, and it's back to where we started...

Poor Dawn Muir, she sounds like a girl being dragged off towards a mental institution, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was still there. Because after this album, everyone in Brainticket freaked out, and only their keyboard player remained. While other Brainticket albums are interesting, none have the sheer grab you by the balls lunancy as witnessed all over Cottonwoodhill, the cover of which carries the helpful warning :
"Don't listen to this record more than once a day or your brain will be destroyed!"

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