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24 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 2 » David Santo - 1968 - Silver Currents
David Santo - 1968 - Silver Currents

Irresistably charming album from this NY folkie, who apparently had listened to a lot of Donovan's and Byrds songs (and some Dylan).
The album starts with two great folk-psych tunes, the sad waltz of "Organ Grinder's Dream" and the more known "Rising of Scorpio" that's been on many compilations. Note the excellent guitar work of Artie Traum and Dave Bromberg, faintly reminding Lee Underwood's guitar for Tim Buckley's early albums. I would say that Santo's voice is somewhere between a (very) quiet Buckley and Donovan (not witty thought). In other songs (Jingle Down A Hill) the echo of Donovan is more clear. Silver Currents' songs are mainly folk - imagine an acoustic Byrds record (without the 12-string of McGuinn), occasionaly coloured with the sounds of organ, piano and jews harp and some nice ballads with Santo's voice accompanied with his guitar.

The following two reviews are from
Santo’s best known for "Rising Of Scorpio,” a cool tune that appeared on many psychedelic compilations, despite musically being pretty straight folk rock. The rest of his album is pretty similar, though no other song is quite as memorable. Santo has a warm, guy-next-door voice that’s more likeable than good. His songwriting is good but not great and the album is a fun but minor entry into the 60s singer/songwriter sweepstakes. This LP came out twice, once on a small label with a colorful cover photo with Santo’s face in a bunch of clouds, and a second time on Sire with a black and white photo of Santo in a cold-weather parka. Both versions are scarce, though the original generally goes for twice as much as the second issue. [AM]

Obscure Village folk-hippie guy with tremendous 45 "Rising Of Scorpio", included on this LP in an alternate mix. Rest of the album is disappointing third-tier Donovan sounds with offkey vocals. File under "avoid" next to Marcus on Kinetic. [PL]

Organ Grinder's Dream
Rising Of Scorpio
If You Love Me
Song That's Sung
Fields of Morning
Carnival Man
Jesus Came To Jersey
Fireside Fairy Tales
Jingle Down A Hill

Review by Rainy Day Sponge

Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 3292 | Added by: afroclonk | Rating: 5.0/1 |

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