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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 6 » Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - Their Second Album or Ju Ju Hand (1965)
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - Their Second Album or Ju Ju Hand (1965)

Ju Ju Hand (Domingo Samudio) (2:05)
    Magic Touch (Evans-Livingston) (2:53)
    'Cause I Love You (Samudio-Chalmers) (1:57)
    Medicine Man (Reynolds-Addington) (2:15)
    That Old Black Magic (Arlen-Mercer) (1:44)
    I've Got A Voodoo Doll (Gibson) (2:32)
    I've Got My Mojo Working (M. Morganfield) (3:05)
    The Gypsy (R.W. Reid) (2:06)
    Witchcraft (Leight-Cy Coleman) (2:27)
    Love Potion #9 (Leiber-Stoller) (2:09)
    Magic Man (Davidson) (2:00)
    I'm Your Hoochie Cooche Man (Dixon) (2:40)

Liner Notes;

This is the second album Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs have made for MGM Records. The set includes their hit Ju Ju Hand-and the whole idea behind the LP is one of mystery and magic with a beat.

In this LP, Sam and the group make the rhythm pot boil with a wild assortment of tunes that carry the Pharaohs trade mark-that great Memphis beat. This album is a powerful follow-up to Sam's first set on MGM, Wooly Bully (E/SE-4297). The 45 r.p.m. single record of Wooly Bully and the album went skyrocketing around the world-Sam and the Pharaohs went to the very top of record charts in England, Germany, Holland and many more countries around the world.

In the midst of all this newly-won success, Sam is very realistic... "While I'm very happy and pleased with the way things are going for us, I know that they can change overnight. I also know that a lot of hard work made Wooly Bully possible. Hard work from the fellows in the group, our producers and management and a lot of hard work in promotion, on our part and on the part of the record company. There's lots more hard work coming to make this album and succeeding singles popular with the people, but I think we've got the sound that will reach them and stay with them."

THE REPORTS ARE IN! SAM THE SHAM AND THE PHARAOH BEAT ARE SWEEPING THE COUNTRY ... Here are just a few samples of how the rage is spreading:

"The master of the swivel hips, Elvis Presley, has a very shaky hold on the top place as Sam the Sham edges closer."

Charles Schreiber, THE SUNDAY BULLETIN

Philadelphia, Pa.

"One of the hottest of the lot and a chart buster is Sam The Sham and his group who travel around the country in a black hearse. Sam ... is a great seller and the Pharaohs sound is making the cash registers across the country tinkle with happiness..."


Tampa, Fla.

Sam Cashes In With Sham While Eying Broader Stage

Domingo Samudio showed white teeth in one of the slow smiles that come easily to him when he talks. A small gold earring flashed in his right car, above the black beard.

Domingo, better known as rock and roll artist Sam the Sham, was pondering a question: What is your ambition?

"I'd like to be able to do many things in many fields. Life is so short-people going around the world at 17,000 miles an hour. Today they speak of traveling in space in light years, and here on Earth we have a span of only, say 65 years. I guess that's why I never settled down."

Sam, dressed in black T shirt and black slacks, was waiting to go on last night at the Fall Preview of Stars show at the Mid-South Coliseum, which drew about 4,000 persons, most of them young. With him in the dressing room were other members of the Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, which hit it big in the recording world with "Wooly Bully."

Sam, 24, is originally from Dallas, Texas, where his father, brother, and sister still live. His brother is a surgeon and his sister is a teacher.

How did he get his name? "Well, Samudio was too long, and the Sam came from there. Then when I started I didn't play an instrument (he plays organ now), I just sang, and dance and cut up. And when you do that they call it shamming, so-

Sam, who looks for all the world like a sultan, was frank in his appreciation of his young fans. "The kids are really what's happening. It (success) hasn't been here so long that we don't appreciate it". by Jack Martin

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