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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 11 » Trip Inside This House - Summer Solstice 2008 Compilation
Trip Inside This House - Summer Solstice 2008 Compilation

Here's a happy summer cross-post courtesy of the kind and all-seeing -Valis from Trip Inside This House. -Valis asked for and did verily receive from nearly a score of bands a brand new song each celebrating summer, the solstice and his own great blog! Yes - 18 brand new psych psongs for psummer!

For full track info and artwork, go here. (Scroll to the bottom of the post for the artwork links).

Here's what -Valis says about the comp and how it came together:

Happy Solstice!!!

It's Summer! (Here, in the Northern Hemisphere. To all of our beloved Southern Hemisphere readers, well.., you'll have to bide your time.)

Summer conjures up a massive well-spring of emotions for me and every summer needs a soundtrack. I think. And, I think I have yours right here!

Way back in the mists & snows of February I had (yet another) rather hare-brained idea: invite some bands I really enjoy to create a special track for what I was planning-a "Surprise Summer Solstice" compilation. I'd hoped that with over 16 weeks, or 100+ days, they'd perhaps mull it over and at least think about it given the time they had to work everything out. 75% of all invitees jumped in immediately!

Some said they were in the process of recording new albums and wouldn't be able to fit it in, others were in the midst of a heavy tour schedule and couldn't make the timeline work. I thank them for their honesty and for making the music. To these 18 bands who did join in and create a special track, well words fall severely short here. As I've expressed to each of them through hundreds of e-mails: I hope THANK YOU suffices, and not just from me but from each and every reader who derives any small fragment of pleasure in reading this blog.I believe every band included here worthy of your attention and, beyond that, your support for what they do in providing consistently great respites from the worries and such which is everyday life. What other mode of communication does so much in a mere two-to-five minutes? To each and EVERY band here: I stand up and APPLAUD.


Trip Inside This House - Summer Solstice 2008 Compilation


01-The Higher State – Psummer’s Purple Phogg (3:08)
02-Jamie Laboz – Trip Inside This House (3:16)
03-Ideal Free Distribution – Trip Inside This House (6:47)
04-Doleful Lions – Underground Werewolf Scribe Agape (3:24)
05-The Sun Blindness – Slippery Morning (3:46)
06-The Dreadful Yawns – Locked Outside Your Mind (4:54)
07-Anton Barbeau – Trip Inside This House (1:50)
08-The Sparkling Fountains of Magical Reality – Don’t Deny Me (2:31)
09-Dog Age – A Trip Inside This House (5:14)
10-Reefus Moons – The Other Side Of Nowhere (4:19)
11-Øyvind Holm – Inside This House (2:58)
12-The Maharajas – Trip Inside This House (2:48)
13-Joe Kane – 13 Seeds Of Doubt (3:02)
14-Julian Starr – Dr. Langley (3:32)
15-The Squires of the Subterrain – Trip Inside This House (3:25)
16-Dora Flood – Trip Inside This House (6:44)
17-Andy Humby – (You’ve Been) Casting Shadows (3:10)
18-Haakon Ellingsen – Trip Inside This House (2:58)

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