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28 May 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 18 » Various Artists - 1990 - Naked Black Giant Leaving Low River
Various Artists - 1990 - Naked Black Giant Leaving Low River

Back in the 80s there was a scene that blossomed in the Arizona desert. Green on Red were one the first and more well-known bands, but they soon left for L.A. Giant Sand, Naked Prey, Rainer, Woodcocks, Sidewinders, Al Perry & the Cattle, Black Sun Ensemble, River Roses and many more were labeled by the music press as the "desert sound", although there are only three records that you can actually smell the desert: Meat Puppets' "Up On The Sun", Black Sun Ensemble's "Lambent Flame" and Al Perry and the Cattle's "Cattle Crossing" - and all three of them have nothing in common musically.

The Arizona bands (mainly from Tucson) were playing good, old rock'n'roll music, with loud guitars, high tension and lots of energy. By this I don't mean that the Arizona scene was just generic rock; on the contrary: around 1987-8 there were very few places in the U.S. where you could find a more fresh, massive and alive scene.

From the bare sound of Howie Gelb's guitar (usually backed only by John Convertino's minimal drum kit) - you can see them at the left with desert outfit, to the epic anthems of Naked Prey, to the deeply spiritual ragas of Black Sun Ensemble, to the cow-punk of Low Max and the streight rock of River Roses, all captured live in Tucson and elsewhere - we get a good taste of what was this "Desert sound" all about (Leaving Trains were not from Arizona, but they play a superb version of "Left" here).

This is a rip from the LP released on Skyclad in 1990
(there was also a CD version with a couple of tracks more (by the same bands) but I've never see it)

You can find more on Leaving Trains, Giant Sand and Black Sun Ensemble in Lost-In-Tyme (all recently reposted for anyone who want to get more) and, if there any interest from our visitors, I could post a lot more from this scene. Unfortunately, you're too shy with your comments lately - soul/funk fans excluded - and we couldn't know if you like something or not. Anyway...

A1 Giant Sand - Mountain Of Love
A2 Black Sun Ensemble - Celestial Cornerstone
A3 Low Max - Place In Heart
A4 The Leaving Trains - Left

B1 River Roses - Not The One
B2 Low Max - Prince Of Darkness
B3 Giant Sand - Almost The Politician's Wife
B4 Naked Prey - What Price For Freedom

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