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30 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 21 » Various Artists - 1998 - Serotonin Ronin
Various Artists - 1998 - Serotonin Ronin

As Camera Obscura noted : "A sampler of the biggest hits off our first 10 releases, plus five previously unreleased tracks for the collectors out there...Sleeves are laser-printed on parchment-style paper folded with the disc and probably in a poly bag with a handful in jewel cases. Art by Timothy Renner of Mourning Cloak/Stone Breath and Terrastock I and II poster and t-shirt fame."
I must add that this came out in 1998, in 500 numbered copies and is now a collector's item.
As for Camera Obscura, ten years later is the most established and active label in this genre.
You can visit Camera Obscura's great site, listen more songs from their catalog and buy Serotonin Ronin II (while still in print!)

There's no need to tell you much about the music - what you get is some of the best modern-day psychedelia that will make you say "How wrong I was to believe that they don't make it like they used to"

Track listing:

1 Alchemysts "Forget About It"
2 Salamander "Hazy"
3 Stone Breath "The Silver Thread"
4 The Green Pajamas "We're Flying"
5 Abunai! "John Riley"*
6 Alastair Galbraith "Rivulets"
7 Primordial Undermind "Windy and Warped"*
8 Azusa Plane "Temporal Continuum"
9 Stone Breath "Wisdom on the Moth's Wing"
10 Black Swan Network "The Late Music II"
11 Primordial Undermind "Fall and Break"
12 Alastair Galbraith "Wheeler"
13 Abunai "77 Gaza Strip"
14 The Green Pajamas "The Fall"*
15 Stone Breath "Through the Trees (A prophecy)"*
16 Dorothy Flight Pattern "We Watched Them"*
17 Alastair Galbraith "Star"

*=unreleased previously and exclusive!

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