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28 May 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 26 » Alternate Learning - 1981 - Painted Windows
Alternate Learning - 1981 - Painted Windows
Scott Warren Miller, as he appears in Painted Windows, is an outstanding figure in San Francisco/Davis underground/obscure/alternative scene for almost 30 years. He started with Lobster Quadrille (there are no releases by them - but there are existing recordings) and Alternate Learning who released two recordings: ALRN (7"EP, 1979) and Painted Windows (LP, 1981). The line-up was Scott Miller, Joe Becker (later in Thin White Rope, Game Theory and Loud Family), Kern Scott Gallawa, Carolyn O'Rourke, Byl Miller and Eric Landers.Despite the continuus demand from the fans, Scott Miller refuses to let the Alternative Learning records re-released (Scott as most artists wants the audience to focus on his recent work), and, as these were pressed in 1000 copies, they're very collectable, not only for Game Theory's/Loud Family's fans, but for anyone interested in pre-paisley San Francisco scene. As it was written "they're so rare that they make Lolita Nation look like Thriller by comparison" !

As for the music, it's surprisingly good, keeping in mind that they were just teenagers at that time. Painted Windows could be compared to any of the first Game Theory releases, and although there are no outstanding tracks like in GT albums or the much more complex songwriting of the last period of this band, I think it's worth listening as a musical artifact of its own and not because it's from an early Scott Miller's band (i.e this is not for completists only). After all there was nothing similar at that place and time, and Painted Windows is the result of Miller's talent to transform his love for Beatles and Big Star into something absolutely personal.

Learn about the recent adventures of Scott Miller here and here.

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