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28 May 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 29 » Devils Wielding Scimitars - Worry Dolls (1990)
Devils Wielding Scimitars - Worry Dolls (1990)
"I've found my musical Holy Grail. I may never need to hear anything but Devils Wielding Scimitars. The divine intervention kicks in via synchronized drums and guitar before the velvety, elastic, breathy cooings of Suzy Callahan appear to tell her revamped tale...The musicianship is top-notch, but we are dealing with a voice that has the power to haunt. To heal. The power to shoot between your brain and your heart straight towards the heavens." - The Seattle Rocket

The main selling point of the album is Suzy Callahan's ethereal, innocence-with-an-edge voice.
"All Music Guide"

Suzy Callahan's voice is a wondrous thing, somehow managing to sound wholesome and deranged at the same time." - Rhythm, UK"
.. Suzy Callahan is a joy. In her lower range, her voice flows thick, rich, and sweet as maple syrup. Up high, it flutters, like a kite on a gusty day." - Stereo Review

Worry Dolls was the most successful of Devils Wielding Scimitars' three albums, but it wasn't quite a breakthrough. Similar to the Sundays, Edie Brickell, and 10,000 Maniacs, they never quite achieved the popularity of these peers. Once again, as with Curious Soul, Callahan's vocals are what stand out. A good diversity of material, from the folky jangle of "Feed the Shark" to the rockier "Blue Star Linoleum" and speed runs of "Fire Drill" and darker "Train a Calling." The one to seek out. ~ Rob Caldwell, All Music Guide

It's obvious that the first review (from Seattle Rocket) is over-exagerating, but this is a nice record, not anything revolutionary, but a warm, soulful and honest confession of Suzy Callahan. 10000 Maniacs are the obvious point of reference here, but I think that DWS are not a bit inferior to them (maybe some will find them better).

Devils Wielding Scimitars released three albums (Curious Soul-1989, Worry Dolls-1990 and Devils Wielding Scimitars III-1997), on three different labels. All worth listening but none of them got to a wider audience.
Here is Suzy Callahan's site and her myspace page, where you can hear her new material.

Line-up for Worry Dolls:
Suzy Callahan--vocals
Scott Tyburski--guitar
Michael Baker--bass
Brandon Finley--drums

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