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24 September 2023
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Main » 2008 » July » 31 » Paul Parrish - 1977 - Song For A Young Girl
Paul Parrish - 1977 - Song For A Young Girl

Paul Parrish - 1977 - Song For A Young Girl
ABC AA 1031

Tracks :
1 Rock & Rollin' Star
2 Stormy Days
Matthew and Cherokee
4 Ballerina
5 America (The Lady of the Harbor)
6 Hoedown
7 Foggy Highway
8. That's the Way of Friends
9 White Pony
10 Song for a Young Girl

Credits :
Paul Parrish : Piano
Bill Cuomo : Keyboards, Synthesizer
Michael Boddicker : Moog Synthesizer
Ralph Humphrey : Drums
Gene Estes : Percussion
King Errisson : Conga
Sneaky Pete Kleinow : Pedal Steel
Jim Seals : Fiddle
David Hungate, John Smith : Bass
Venetta Fields, Sherlie Matthews, Pat Henderson,
Oren Waters, Julia Tillman Waters,
Maxine Willard Waters,
Rebecca Louis, Clydie King : Vocals (Background)
Louie Shelton : Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Producer
Joseph Bogan : Engineer
Sid Sharp : Concert Master

Here is the only online review that I can found :

This album is just great in my opinion.
From cut one which is "Rock'n Rollin' Star" about a guy who has become famous and knows his ex girlfriend is listening and proclaims that if he can't be her lover then let "me be your Rock'n Rollin' Star", to the last cut which is entitled "Song for a Young Girl" and of course happens to be the title cut... this album is awesome.  

 "Stormy Days" is a time for reflection and remembering as you are all alone in the house as the storm outside brings rain and memories.  

 "Mathew and Cherokee" is a song about true love with a sort of reincarnation theme in a way I would have never conceived.  Much like the sentiments spoken of in Jimmy Webb's "The Highwayman" if you get right down to it, although the two songs are nothing like one another except in ideology.  

 "Ballerina" is about someone loving the artistic value of dance.  Respect and love for beauty in the arts and the inspiration given to the person watching the performance.  

 "America (The Lady of the Harbor)" is simply love of country as only Paul Parrish can articulate it.  

 "Hoedown" is a song about the old traditional hoedowns of country living.  Good friends, moonshine and happy feelings all around.  The intro reminds me of a hollywood western movie.  The arrangement is fabulous!

 "Foggy Highway" is a traveling song as he wrestles with what part of the country he loves the most.  One gets the feeling that he loves the diversity of this great country and it's natural beauty.  And certainly the love of the road.  A great highway song.

 "That's the Way of Friends" speaks of the ups and downs of friendship and most people who have a special friendship in their lives will be able to relate to what he is saying here.  

 "White Pony" is a song about nature again and the freedom that he sees in the wild nature of a certain horse.  In a word, Freedom.

 "Song for a Young Girl" is a fantastic message of hope and inspiration for anyone who wishes another all the best life can give.  I find this song very moving.  

 This album is one I can't do without.

reviewed by rbheiss @ RYM

Category: Prog/Classic rock/Blues | Views: 4848 | Added by: Opa-Loka | Rating: 5.0/5 |

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