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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » October » 14 » Baby Scream - 2010 - Baby Scream
Baby Scream - 2010 - Baby Scream

Baby Scream - 2010 - Baby Scream

Forthcoming album for Argentinean Power Pop quartet.

Tracks :
1 Powerpop Crush (2:12)
2 Exile (2:46)
3 Jekyll & Hyde (3:26)
4 Mental Case (2:17)
5 The Ghost of Valerie (Feat. Eric Dover) (3:28)
6 Watching the End of the World (On TV) (3:02)
7 Nipone (3:34)
8 Lazy (3:55)
9 What About You ? (3:25)
10 Twenty Seven (2:29)

Argentinean singer/songwriter and Baby Scream leader Juan Pablo Mazzola has returned with his latest offering, "Baby Scream", a heady combination of classic rock licks and power pop sensibilities that sits comfortably between Lennon and T-Rex.

Let's read what Juan says about this album !!!

I write songs at night, let’s say around 3:00 am.
Thing is, I’ve been doing this for years now, it started when I was 18 and I’m 29 today.
I recorded some cds between the year 2003 and 2008 but saved what I considered the best songs for this record, also, I decided to call it just "Baby Scream".
So probably this release is going to be my favourite.
Writing songs at night it is probably the loneliest experience that I’ve ever had, having said this, it is amazing to share the result with my friends.

Powerpop Crush
Wrote this song in 2009, sometimes writing a love song could be something difficult to deal with,
could be something you didn’t expect at all.
Actually an uncomfortable situation could be the perfect moment to think about it,
especially when you are not a part of the story….

I’ve been living in exile for years now, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally…
I tend to escape from my reality, actually, I don’t like doing it at all…..thing is : "sometimes the right words for an end are hard to find".

Jekyll and Hyde
Baby Scream’s Monsters ep was released in Germany in the year 2007 through Beyond Your Mind Records.
I wrote those songs in 2005, the same day I wrote this song I wrote a song called "Mars".
Both of these songs were inspired by David Bowie’s "Space Oddity", also, they are about mental illness.
I somehow decided to use the space thing as a metaphor when it comes to craziness.
We recorded some demos and hired a local producer in Buenos Aires,
he thought that this song was not good enough for the ep.
I kept playing it over and over, changed the lyrics a little bit and decided 2010 was the right time to re record this song.

Mental Case
Again, crazy people.
Doing cocaine and living 2 different lives might not be a good idea…
Being a Queen fan could be a great idea though….especially for a guitar player.

The Ghosts of Valerie
I've met some horrible people in my life, some of them took some things away from me like places, streets, music, small conquers….being "close friends" the one that hurts the most.
Eric Dover (Jellyfish,Slash’sSnakepittt, Alice Cooper) played lead guitar and sang backing vocals here.

Watching the End of the World (On T.V.)
Wrote this song in 2001, it is about the war in Afghanistan, I can’t believe this song’s almost 10 years old!
People tell me that I am really pessimistic, it’s been almost 10 years and nothing has changed.
There’s a line that says : "They are bombing a playground".
I guess they are still doing it….

Nipone is about selfish people, it is also about ending a relationship (mainly because of  somebody else’s selfishness.)
The music was inspired by John Lennon’s "Beautiful Boy".


My friend Chris (an amazing songwriter from Germany, he plays in a band called "The Cheeks") wrote this song.
I went to his place in 2008 and he played it to me, "the song’s about a very special character".
This character lives in his own  fantasy world, in an outer space experience……he is respected in "planets far away, where tomorrow never starts today".

What About You ?
I've met this guy in 2005, no names of course.
He would say that everything I did was wrong, that everybody close to me was stupid.
It was really funny watching this guy becoming friends with the same people that he was criticizing in the past, especially because they were also criticizing him.
You know the proverb, "do as I say but not as I do".

Twenty Seven
My soulmate wrote the music for this song, I wrote the lyrics.
I’m a huge Big Star fan so I named the song  after Big Star’s "Thirteen".
It is a song about love, pure love.

Album it is going to be out in the U.K. in December on Ok! Records.

Baby Scream :
 Official Page, MySpace, facebook, YouTube channel

Labels: (U.S.A.) (U.K.) (U.K.)

Management (Melanie Perrettett)

Kind Regards

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