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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » April » 3 » Bumble B - 2004 - Flight Of The Bumble B
Bumble B - 2004 - Flight Of The Bumble B

Bumble B - 2004 - Flight Of The Bumble B
Acony Bell Records (AB-001)

Solo debut by
SigneLine Lundstrom alias Bumble B., member of The Smell Of Incense.
Presenting a collection of traditional folk songs from Norway. She plays viola, violin, flute, various bells and she sings. On some tracks she's joined by musicians on pedal organ, indian harmonium, e-bow guitars, sitar, classic & acoustic guitars, flutes and bodran. Limited edition of 400 copies, vinyl only release. Coming with paste-on sleeve artwork by Bumble B. and contains an insert.

Tracks :
A 1 A Vil Du Hava Meg Til A Kveda (1:23)
A 2 Lanst Inn Pa Ville Heii (3:57)
A 3 Folkestadvisa (3:21)
A 4 Viervand Og Marihand (0:41)
A 5 Maria, Un Er En Jomfru (2:39)
A 6 Ormen Lange (2:16)
A 7 Rosensfolen (1:51)
A 8 Svalande Vind (2:30)
A 9 Svend Svane (0:44)
A 10 Vassrafela (1:45)

B 1 Varulu (0:33)
B 2 Flanarormin (0:51)
B 3 Duva Sette Se' Pa (2:51)
B 4 Beijarblakkjin (2:52)
B 5 Lova, Lova Line (2:26)
B 6 Signelin (2:12)
B 7 Liti Kjersti (2:40)
B 8 Signe Lita (5:34)
B 9 Svalande Vind (instrumental) (3:35)
B 10 So, Ro Liten Tull (1:26)

Review from :

Bumble B. is SigneLine Lundstrom. It’s her first solo-album beside her work with The Smell Of Incense. We have here a collection of traditional folk songs from Norway, sung and accompanied mostly solo, with a varied number (and sparse-to-the essence) of acoustic instruments, helped on some tracks by The Smell Of Incense members, and with one track, a trance psych folk track played by the whole of The Smell Of Incense.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say, but recently I tried to get the most important albums by Turid together, a folk singer/singer-songwriter from 70’s Sweden. Turid for instance succeeded to combine a singer-songwriter era early Joni Mitchel style with some folk elements. Bumble B. is much more innocent, but her interpretation and choice of folk songs are sung with head and heart to the music, like a songwriter. Above all, I already liked her voice with the psych song group The Smell Of Incense, where her voice had a definite and distinctive folk character already.

One of the most known folk groups from the 70’s from Norway is Folque. They were still pretty traditional compared to the UK folkrock inspirations we all know of now. This group opened up the Nordic folk tradition, with some folkrock elements. The first track of side B, "Varuluv” is inspired by Folque. This track is also much more folkrock, with some electric guitar addition, but with the voice concluding the song essence. Also nice to hear on "Lova, Lova Line” is the use of a sitar, always a very beautiful instrument to combine with a beautiful folk voice. A couple of small tracks are acapella, solo or with some voice arrangements, always strong enough to withstand. The voice of Lundstrom is like a beautiful instrument indeed. Therefore it is not necessary at all to understand the texts being sung. The collection of songs and its interpretations give a very good whole, and give a very nice rewarding listening experience.

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