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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » December » 15 » Evel Gazebow - 2010 - A Message to Your Mind
Evel Gazebow - 2010 - A Message to Your Mind

Evel Gazebow - 2010 - A Message to Your Mind

"We’re more KNIEVEL, than EVIL !

Tracks :
1 Message to Your Mind (8.19)
2 Little White Dress (4.44)
3 Invisible Tractor (4.13)
4 Times They A-Changed (4.52)
5 Bubbling Under (2.50)
6 Swordfish 2010 (4.00)
7 On the Edges (4.48)
8 Secret Door (4.52)
9 Lost Tribe (4.24)
10 What Happens If... (5.11)
11 New.Free.Sex.Chocolate (7.42)

The Gazebows are : 
Graham Davis : Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keys, Writing, Recording & Mixing.

Did Dilley : Drums, Vocals, Percussion.

We are Evel Gazebow, and we’re a psychedelic space rock band from London. We met each other through our mutual love of all things psychedelia, and over the past few years, we’ve been performing Hawkwind’s "Space Ritual” album live - in track order, in it’s entirety - complete with space poems, back projections and scantily clad dancer etc. (The culmination of which came in a performance of it at The Royal Academy of Art, in London’s Piccadilly – clips available on YouTube).

This is a collection of quick demos of original material that we’ve recorded in our guitarists’ living room. We drew inspiration for these tracks from listening to some of our all-time favourite bands, such as: Pink Fairies, The Deviants, Hawkwind, Gong, Amon Duül, Edgar Broughton Band, Syd’s Floyd etc... We’ve retained some of the ‘stoned, lazy feel’ that is evident in the music of all those bands, plus we’ve added some additional ‘stoner-punk-prog-kosmische-folky-pop-eastern-electro’ stylings, and some Zappa / Mighty Boosh-esque humour elements to boot... It’s a surreal and eclectic psychedelic trip into a world of Badgers in bathing caps, Invisible Tractors, coats made of Squirrel’s eyes and sight-seeing trips to villainous megalomaniac’s hidden bunkers!

Message to Your Mind :
Is a sonic aural sculpture depicting the Saxon uprising of 1297, in undulating tones reminiscent of perpetual astral birth. I wrote this in the bath, whilst outside the the first leaves of Autumn fell in concentric spirals on the sad countenance of an acerbic tortoiseshell kitten.

Little White Dress :
Is about the different types of rope that are available in an average sized hardware store. (Not string though - I'm very particular about this and would look disfavorably on anyone suggesting otherwise).

Invisible Tractor :
Despite the title, is actually about a visible tractor!

Times They A-Changed :
Well, nothing is more certain than roast potatoes. The sun, the stars, all have dalliances with inverted perspectives and frenzied dragonflies dance to the tune of a monkeys yodel...

Bubbling Under :
Many mysterious vegetables live beneath the waves. I've heard of one that can fly and if you tickle its thigh, all your dreams will come true.

Swordfish 2010 :
I fell off a tree once and all the recalcitrant Pandas residing within told me this astonishing tale by the medium of dance! I'll never forget it.

On the Edges :
I've always found banjoes a lot of fun at parties, so I thought I'd write a song about the solitude of space as viewed by an idealist.

Secret Door :
I've never been afraid of saying what has to be said. I just don't harp on about it... For instance, when performing ‘Waiting for Godot’ at infant school, I had a feeling that it was the apotheosis of solitude. I mentioned this to the teacher and she touched me inappropriately.

Lost Tribe :
I almost awoke one morning to find that reality was just a dream. Then I did a cosmic trump and found that dreams were just reality. So if tomorrow is just another yesterday, who is the dreamer and what day is it? It's questions like this that keep me awake!

What Happens If... :
I'm often asked what this song is about, and I always say the same thing...

New.Free.Sex.Chocolate :
Help I'm being held prisoner in a Psychedelic rock band!

You can contact (mail)
Evel Gazebow If you want to order a copy.
You can also find
Evel Gazebow at MySpace

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