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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » October » 8 » St. Atom HRT605 - 2010 - Smiling Autumn Leaves
St. Atom HRT605 - 2010 - Smiling Autumn Leaves

St. Atom HRT605 - 2010 - Smiling Autumn Leaves

Unobtrusive Ambient that flirts with nature sounds and images, revoking familiar,
tender (and sometimes repressed) feelings, and often points -and refers to- nostalgic visions.

Tracks :
1 Far Away (1:46)
2 Celebrating Alone (3:10)
3 Angels (1:54)
4 The Temple (7:36)
5 A Few Seconds After the Grief (4:03)
6 A Fair End (2:50)
7 Clock (4:26)
8 Travelling (3:57)
9 Holy Ghost (2:34)
10 Arriving for First Time (4:16)
11 Underwater Landscape (11:02)

1 Across The River (6:46)
2 Alike (1:59)
3 The Dawn (6:58)
4 As the Night Train Reminded Me of Ash Ra Tempel (11:09)
5 Near the Path (5:39)
6 Weak Winter (2:50)
7 Far Away (Still) (1:34)

Review :
It is not only neo folk, it is not only folktronica but... it is a common secret that most of those artistic expressions that can be more than attractive and even more interesting for our sonic pleasure, come far away from the city's deadbeat. Even though civilization is the source of unhapiness, there is always an escape through the oceanic feeling no matter if it has to flow through electricity. Ok, first of all, this is the art of hunting the lost nature of things. The eternal battle between the pleasure and the reality principles. "Smiling Autumn Leaves" need your real attention. Their creator is a cosmic monk who invented this unique space to travel through fragile, old fashioned romantic tunes to asthmatic industrial waves. Lot of music blends, lot of influences in this hand made, self release double cdr that fortunately moves across the local aesthetic about making, creating, playing and releasing music. St. Atom HRT605 has no need of any passport to reach you. All the internet chanells are open. I hope your ears too.
~George "Dr.Fuzz"

You can buy this double CD-r (limited to 100) : available here
You can buy this album (digital) :
You can contact St. Atom HRT605 : MySpace or facebook
Artwork by Penny VideoPhotography

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