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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » November » 22 » The Magnificent Brotherhood - 2010 - Dope Idiots‏
The Magnificent Brotherhood - 2010 - Dope Idiots‏

The Magnificent Brotherhood - 2010 - Dope Idiots‏

It's green, it's mean, it's the... "Dope Idiots" !!!
Magnificent Brotherhood's second studio album is featuring 12 songs for your ear's and feet's delight.

Tracks :
1 I Want You (2:29)
2 Dope Idiots (3:09)
3 All Because of You (2:46)
4 Divine Advice (3:12)
5 Too Much (3:44)
6 Degeneration (2:49)
7 Last Song About You (3:21)
8 Psychosis (4:28)
9 You Can Only Guess (3:30)
11 Upside Down (3:00)
12 Surrender (2:07)
13 Save Me Save You (3:05)

The Magnificent Brotherhood is :
Kiryk Drewinski : guitar, lead-vocals
Erik Haegert : Farfisa compact organ, lead-vocals
Jan Rohrbach : bass, backing vocals
Lars Puder : drums, backing vocals

Discography :
2008 The Magnificent Brotherhood
2009 Live Ammunition (at Burg Herzberg Open Air)
2010 Dope Idiots

Dope Idiots brings you 12 highly addictive garage rockers, full of crazy Fuzz guitars, Farfisa organ swirls and zappaesque lyrics.
The Magnificent Brotherhood's unique songwriting style and their freak-out attitude make this album a musical upper, capturing wild up-tempo numbers, as well as some souly tracks too. Not denying the band's vintage and raw live sound Dope Idiots is serving some freash material, all written by Drewinski & Haegert.
This record sure is dope! But listen yourself…

Here are the song descriptions from Kiryk Drewinski & Erik Haegert (songwriters of The Magnificent Brotherhood) :

"All songs on "Dope Idiots" got a true background and are mostly either about love or dope... Guess that's what we like to do best. 
You can find some of our lyrics here:"

I Want To
A guy is after a certain girl. But she doesn't want him. ...well, until he gets tired of running for her and finds another girl. Now the first girl is showing very strong interest.
...What would you do in such situation? Decide for yourself. The song's not gonna tell. 

Dope idiots
A song about the partycrew.

All Because of You
This tune is about a boy that loves a girl no matter what. ...even if she makes loving her a hard time.

Divine Advice

Party's a cheep shrink.
We shot a video to this song. It's about a kind of psychedelic party sect, including high priests, followers and an oracle etc. This sect's aim is giving people that divine advice: Party till you die!!! ...It's called The Magnificent Brotherhood ...hehe ...hey, everybody join us!

Too Much 
Friendship at the edge of love. Two people loving each other but don't show it as they know that they just can't be together for many reasons. So they keep their feelings a secret to them selfs and everybody else, trying to stay away from each other to avoid the "final step".   
The song has got a happy ending when the guy decides to change this situation by confessing his love to her. But reality often is different.

Everybody feels low sometimes but there are ways out.

Last Song About You
A classical garage song topic. Guy loses girl. Guy is in pain. Guy finds new/better love. ...and writes a song about it. ...haha!
It's a kind of good bye letter, addressed to an ex-girl after realizing that love can be a wonderful thing, only if you find the right girl.

Just a funny song about dropping acid.
The Intro chat is featuring Sky "Sunlight" Saxon and was recorded at Erik's, our organ player's place in the morning
after the show The Magnificent Brotherhood did together with Sky & The Seeds in 2008.
Sky was living at Erik's place for a couple of days during his stay in Berlin. He was talking about moving to Berlin as he fell in love with the city. Sadly some time late he passed away as you know. We were shocked and wanted to pay tribute to this master of psychedelic by putting him on the record (and of course we're honored by what he is saying ; ) 

You Can Only Guess
Sometimes thoughts can turn into paranoia pretty quickly. Especially if you are in fear or a very jealous person.
Everybody knows this feeling not to be sure. It really can drive one crazy when guessing is the only thing left to do. Of course in the end it's senseless as you just don't know, no matter how many thoughts you spend but somehow we do it anyway. ...scary, ain't it?

But is this song really about all that? ...Well, you can only guess...

Upside Down
This song is about living a live completely against the clock, against the standard ...and at least against yourself. 
But it's the only life you know and the only life you can live. 
"I'm living upside down, with my head to the ground. My world is upside down but my ass is wearing a crown".  
Kiryk (the guitarist): "I live a life like that, not because I want to. Just because I can't help it. I wake up at night and go to bed in the morning most of the time. In general my ways are rather unconventional. I call this upside down. I don't say this with pride at all!! Living upside down can really be a pain but I just can't change it ...and I tried, believe me. ...And I still do".

What is it that everybody wants from one?

Save Me Save You
Can't we just be nice to each other?

You can order your Dope Idiots copy here
The Magnificent Brotherhood  pages :
Official site, MySpace, facebook, YouTube channel

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