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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » April » 17 » The Morticians - 1987 - Freak Out with the Morticians
The Morticians - 1987 - Freak Out with the Morticians

The Morticians - 1987 - Freak Out with the Morticians
(Tin Soldier TIN-1)

Punk Side :
Now She's Gone (3:21)
Action Woman (2:48)
Don't Need Your Lovin' (3:47)
Blackout Out of Gretely (4:21)
E.S.P. (2:45)
I Need You There (2:47)
Sweet Young Thing (2:48)

Psych Side :
Spiral Bat (7:08)
Carolyn (4:36)
Song of a Baker (3:38)
Section 44 (9:01)

Bonus Tracks :
I Don't Care (3:47)
Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness) (2:23)
(Originally recorded for inclusion on Psychedelic Psauna,
compilation but didn't make it in time for the release)

Redfern Bros. began to play in the mid-80s as The Giant Sunhorse; at the beginning of 1986 they found bassist Ben Jackson and changed name to The Morticians, releasing this delicious sweet at the end of next year. An explosive punk side (those who don't know one original at least, lift up their own hand) and a visionary psych-side made few lucky owners happy... the first pressing of 500 ran out very soon and so did the second one of little more than a thousand, but Ben's leaving caused dissolution. At the end of 1988 a compilation of early recordings (demos and live sets) titled "She's Like Heroin" came out on Distortion Records.
~Roberto from the wrong way

Part of the 80's wave of UK Neo Psych and Garage Punk, The Morticians made one of the best lost UK psych-punk albums of that era. It's a combination of '60s styled garage punk and West Coast/Pink Fairies like acid guitar rock. Heavy distorted fuzzed out guitar solos, swirling keyboards and a really stoned atmosphere pervade this little gem that's long gone on vinyl. Includes uniquely heavy versions of "Action Woman" & "Song Of A Baker", "Blackout Of Gretely" and a totally over the top lysergic version of the Country Joe & The Fish classic "Section 43". Dave Goodman's production is raw , drenched in reverb and somehow (only God knows) he managed to hold this monstrous creation together.

Discography :
1987 - Freak Out with the Morticians
1988 - She's Like Heroin or Vombadill Versus The Matmoss (The Early Recordings)

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