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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » December » 11 » The Tricks of the Sun - 2007 - The Tricks of the Sun
The Tricks of the Sun - 2007 - The Tricks of the Sun
The Tricks of the Sun - 2007 - The Tricks of the Sun
Τα Παιχνίδια του Ήλιου - 2007 - Τα Παιχνίδια του Ήλιου
(PD 002, ΠΔ 002, Private, Produced : 2007 - Released: January 2009)

Tracks :
A1 Ra (Ρα)
Α2 The Dream (Τ' Όνειρο)
Β1 Flatter of the Butterfly (Η Πεταλούδα Ανοίγει τα Φτερά της)
B2 The Tricks of the Sun (Τα Παιχνίδια του Ήλιου)
B3 Epilogue (Επίλογος)
Members :
Lilian Tsatsaroni : main vocals & narration
Christos Pieridis : vocals
Spiros Rouchotas : flute, fife, electric & acoustic guitar, electric bass,
keyboards, drums, native instruments & sounds, effects
Aphrodite : narration

Music written by Spiros Rouchotas
Lyrics by Nancy Fanouriou & Spiros Rouchotas
Recorded at home, 2007 Athens
Sound engineering & remix by Zacharias Kotsikis

70's sound & chaotic spirit in an absolute utopian album.
Great crystal sound, with many space folk themes, trippy flutes, majestic female vocals,
dreamy childs voice, native instruments & sounds, heavy dope psych melodies & more...
Fantastic artwork with double-page velvet insert.
Private issue in only 300 copies.

It's just a hallucinogen experience !!!

More info here (You may also order this album directly from the artist, if there are available copies) :

Review from :

The first over 13 minute track starts with an electronic music intro with a drone and overtones (and some temple bells) and later with spacey effects with a rather eastern sounding flute solo, slowly developing. A guitar takes over the flute idea with middle eastern chords with a sufi-like flute response. This turns to a second part with an electric bass theme repetition which reminds me very much of Igra Stakleni Perli's first album (which was based upon in its turn on Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive”) or pre-Ozric Tentacles, with some drumming. Two new layers are added with soprano vocals. This mode improvises and evolves further simple and pure with electrified guitar and organ and slightly echoing electric guitar, before a  long meditative mode concludes this track with vibrating electronica and temple bells only.

The second track has an intro with church bells and water splashes. This is an acoustic song of guitar and dual vocals sung in Greek, suddenly stopping like an open ending after the first verse, ending the same as the intro.

Side two with another strange intro reverse vocal collage is a song with female spoken word in Greek while the band improvises in a relaxed psychedelic way on a musical theme with organ, wordless vocals, wilder electric guitar, drums and reverse flute, later on as full band with all these instruments and a flute arrangement on a folk-rock rhythm with trio harmony vocals singing the song theme with a swinging electric bass and some organ.

The next song is based upon two acoustic guitar pickings, has different parts with flute arrangements, on changing relaxed jam rhythms with some repetitive bass, and some beautiful child-voice like spoken word, while the band improvises dreamily on the rhythm.

The last track has an intro of children playing during a break in school. It is based upon descriptive moody acoustic guitar composition with two guitars.

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