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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » April » 24 » The Vertigo Swirl - 2010 - A New Swirled Record
The Vertigo Swirl - 2010 - A New Swirled Record

The Vertigo Swirl - 2010 - A New Swirled Record

Tracks :
1 The Megalith (4:37)
2 Jeremy's First Flight (5:46)
3 We've Got Electricity (5:32)
4 Molehill Sherpa (3:12)
5 Loneliness Is a Choice (4:32)
6 Got Yer Back (2:46)
7 Third Sun from the Stone (8:46)
8 You Belong in Outer Space (8:23)

In late 2009, "Manik" Myk Thompson suggested we revive our long dormant collaboration with some recording of an experimental/psychedelic nature.  I countered by suggesting that we do so with the goal of a recording a second album under The Vertigo Swirl identity.  We began with a day of improvisation that yielded "Jeremy's First Flight", "Third Sun from the Stone" and the compositional beginnings of "The Megalith".  I added my contributions to some tracks that Myk had begun at home ("We've Got Electricity", "Molehill Sherpa", "Loneliness Is a Choice" and "Got Yer Back") while he, in turn, added guitar to my own pet projects ("You Belong in Outer Space" and "The Megalith"), a couple of guest performers did their thing and, voila, we had A New Swirled Record - eight paths of excess trod by two psychedelic brothers in arms.
~Brian Andrew Marek

Engineered and produced by "Manik" Myk Thompson
and Brian Andrew Marek, December 2009 - March 2010
mixed by Brian Andrew Marek.

A New Swirled Record is solely the work and property of Brian Andrew Marek and Michael Allen Thompson, both of whom fully consent to (and encourage) its free distribution.

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