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23 June 2021
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Main » 2010 » April » 13 » Yesterday's Thoughts - 2009 - A Moment to Pray
Yesterday's Thoughts - 2009 - A Moment to Pray

Yesterday's Thoughts - 2009 - A Moment to Pray
(Sound Effect, SER 014)

Yesterday's Thoughts third album A Moment to Pray is here!
Screaming farfisa and soul arousing vocals powered by Dimitris Megedisidis, totally 60s sounding, brain melting stellar guitar performed by Spyros Megedisidis, plus the time bending, playful rhythm section of Lefteris Galanis on bass & Giorgos Vagiatlakis on drums. After being around for twelve years they decided to lock themselves in the comfort of their own studio along with Sound Effect Records vintage analogue recording gear for two years!

Tracks :
A1 Why Can't You See 2:31
A2 Take a Walk 2:17
A3 One and Only 3:29
A4 Now You're Gone 2:12
A5 Thoughts 2:24
A6 Bad Love 2:32
A7 Fallin' 2:18
A8 Try to Understand 2:24
B1 In this Town 2:43
B2 Don't You Worry 2:19
B3 When 2:13
B4 Puppets 2:35
B5 I'm Loosing My Head 3:02
B6 Reborn 3:25
B7 I Don't Care About You 1:48
B8 Sorry Mama 2:37
B9 A Man Lost in the Wind 1:55

Notes :
Recorded and Mixed in their basement studio with an 8-Track analog recorder.
Mastered at Feedback Studio.  Includes insert with Lyrics & Credits. Limited Edition of 450 copies.

Yesterday’s Thoughts :
Lefteris Galanis : Bass, Backing Vocals
Giorgos Vagiatlakis : Drums, Tambourine
Spiros Megedisidis : Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dimitris Megedisidis : Vocals, Organ [Farfissa]

Discography :
Yesterday's Thoughts 1998 (EP, Album, Ltd) Action Records
Searchin In Shadows 2002 (LP, Album, Ltd) Action Records
Let's Take A Ride With... 2004 (LP, Album, Ltd) Sound Effect Records
A Moment To Pray 2009 (LP, Album, Ltd) Sound Effect Records

Review from :
The Yesterday's Thoughts third album, is dedicated to their departed friend, mentor and associate, Sky Sunlight Saxon, and while being physically away, his spirit continues to haunt the tracks of this record. The title A Moment To Pray, taken from a line of their gospel psych waltz gem Fallin', sets the tone for the musical and lyrical themes of this record. There's not a fleck of colour to be found on the moody artwork, a motif that continues onto to the grooves, and the listeners should embrace themselves for a brooding, bad acid trip into lysergia. Having no deadlines or any kind of restriction helped them to push the equipment’s and own abilities to the extreme epitomizing garage punk and psychedelic music from the 60’s to the 00’s. Under the given conditions they’ve breathed life to these sessions by managing to capture fragments of their moody yet powerful soul and transfer them into this album’s 17 original compositions. This time around more esoteric, psychedelic and Boston tingled, pointing further out their already acknowledged unique blend of 60’s influenced garage and psychedelic music. More focused and mature than ever, efficient to lay the path for your trips into their distinctive sound they’re offering to us their best album so far. Imagine a tasty blend of the Seeds with Outta Place or Head & the Hares fuzzin’ it’s way to the center of your soul with wild performance and well crafted melodies. Always psychedelic but never noodling, the Yesterday's Thoughts offer us 17 of their own compositions, full of minor key excursions from the omipresent Farfisa organ, harsh vocals, and every shade of fuzz known to man. Straying from the usual Garage Punk lyrical route, these songs are about personal matters, the tone being sombre and verging to desperate. Having built their own analogue basement studio, the Yesterday's Thoughts had the opportunity to painstakingly craft this album and to hone their recording skills, creating a faithfully pure 60's affair. Not for the faint hearted, if you are looking for easy kicks you should steer away, but those of you searching for a late night companion, the Yesterday's Thoughts' third and probably best album will surely become your friend and stay near your record player for years to come.

Beware this is not your typical moody band !

Bio :
Yesterday’s Thoughts were formed in 1996. The main influences of the group are focused on the mid sixties US punk and psychedelic sounds. In 1998 Action Records released a 7’’ with four of the band’s songs. In 2002 Action Records again released the band’s first LP titled «Searchin’ In Shadows». In 2004 Sound Effect Records released the 2nd LP called "Let’s Take A Ride With…”, which contains 13 of the band’s songs plus two with Sky "Sunlight” Saxon at the vocals. In 2009 the 3rd lp "A Moment to Pray" came out. Other of the band’s recordings can be found in several compilations: "Come Where the Action Is” (Action Records - Gew-Gaw), "Enjoy the Greeks vol. 2” (On Stage Records), "Gew-Gaw fanzine vol.7”, "Rumble Skunk fanzine vol.1”, "Peace Frog fanzine vol. 1”, "Lost in Tyme fanzine vol.2”,"Timemazine vol.4" . Through all this years the band gave some gigs alone or with some great garage bands: Sky Saxon and the Seeds, the Sonics, Fuzztones, Nomads, Steve Wynn, Baby Woodrose, Beach Buggy, Will-O-the Wisp, Frantic V, Invisible Surfers, Psykicks, Teddy Boys from the Crypt, Meanie Geanies, Teardrops, Ducky Boys, the Barbara Farmers, the Jacks and others.

Yesterday's Thoughts
on MySpace

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