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30 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » September » 1 » Bigroup - Big Hammer (1971)
Bigroup - Big Hammer (1971)
This is a repressing of the legendary Big Hammer by The Bigroup,
library record from a group made up of UK studio musicians, originally released by Peer International in 1971 and licensed to Olympo in Spain.
The original pressing of Big Hammer by The Bigroup has been very much
in demand by crate diggers and progressive rock collectors and one listen to it will tell why - pretty much every track is a killer!

One of the strongest albums in it’s field, choked with goodies: great psych organ mayhem on "Big Hammer", burning acid leads on "Burnilation", sitar action on "Annapurna" plus the ill drum-break of "What’s Coming?" or the dope, stoned ,
beat-heavy "Devil’s Stronghold" & "Heavy Lift"...

I love this LP!

You have just got to hear this LP, it's bloody great!

Highly recommended.

While in the US there were many movie soundtracks, in the UK and much
of Europe most of the film and TV industry used music library LPs. These LPs - which were not on sale to the general public - were madeby experienced studio musicians, often recording an album's worth of material in one session, and the music was later matched to the
relevant programme.
This remains a rich source of good funky music
with albums being made by artists such as Herbie Flowers, Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, John Cameron and Eddie Warner.

There are also many useful records for people looking for samples with breaks, percussion tracks and many stripped down versions of tunes with just bass and drums or bass and piano. Often the music was created for a movie; commercial and so on, but when published it was not specifiedon the record. Now often it can't even be traced back.

Apart from the many library LPs which are considered obsolete, some have gained quite a status amongst collectors. Specifically those LPs that were made in specific genres such as the "jazzy groovy beat", the "progressive rock", "the psychedelic folk"...
The Bigroup is one of these bands that did do only 2 albums. Actually 1 album, with two
different titles and labels but the same music. The most collectible one (we leave finding details on the alternative up to you as this is quite a challenge) is the original release on "Peer International" from 1971 (presumably).
This library label actually does have some more collectible releases. Always the details on the release are very scarce and little is known on the musicians. We know the LP was made by Johnny Scott, aka Patrick J. O'Hara Scott, and some personnel. We
also know is that this LP has nothing but pearls of "Progressive" tracks included with as best track amongst only good tracks : "Heavy Lift".

Peer, as said, is known to be one of these collectible classy library labels but a problem is that all LPs only got very limited pressings.
This LP really has it all : a lot of mistery around the artists, great
music with multi-instruments, heavy rock and fuzz, incredible drum
breaks,... Most prominent instruments are the bass, the hammond and
the drums. It is the bridge between 60's beat and 70's progressive and psychedelic rock.

(re-issued on limited (500 copies) vinyl edition in 2005 which went immediately OOP)
Category: Psyche/Garage/Folk | Views: 3109 | Added by: Optical-Sound | Rating: 4.7/3 |

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