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02 October 2023
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Main » 2006 » September » 7 » The Witchdoctors - Witchdoctors a Go-Go
The Witchdoctors - Witchdoctors a Go-Go
( garage rock  revival)

The  Witchdoctors EXPLODE out of your stereo like a viscious blast from the past.  Lead singer Paul Carey (who earlier sang lead with The Untold Fables) has a raw,  ratchety voice that makes no apologies for its sound! Their simple (and  simple-minded) early-60's-style rock & roll reminds me more than ANYTHING of  the earliest recordings by The Kinks. This may explain their eventual  name-change to The Finks (see FILL'ER UP AND GO!). While Steve Hill (and Carey's  replacement, Chris Barfield) eventually split off to form The Huntington Cads,  the remaining core or Gregg Hunt, Dave Klein & Jake Cavaliere went on to  greater success as The Bomboras. With one of the WILDEST live acts confined to  bar stages (in some ways a band better SEEN than actually HEARD), it was at  their appearance in Philly a couple years ago I first discovered their long  legacy. By whatever name, these guys clearly aren't going away. Lucky  us!

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