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30 September 2023
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Main » 2006 » September » 12 » Artwoods - Art Gallery (1966)
Artwoods - Art Gallery (1966)

UK R&B /Blues/Garage blaster with Jon Lord(Deep  Purple)
Keef  Hartley(John Mayall) Mac Poole(Bakerloo) with all the right sounds!!

It's really a legendary LP that  was an enjoyable mixture of club-oriented soul, R&B, and jazz with a strong  organ spice, although it found them falling seriously behindtheir contemporaries  in the British R&B scene in a crucial respect. 

Artwoods  were:

Arthur  Wood-vocals,
Derek  Griffiths-guitar,
Malcolm  Pool-bass
Keef  Hartley-drums
John  Lord-organ

Formed in  London in 1964. Arthur Wood is the elder brother of Ronnie Wood. 
Red Bludd's Blusicians had been  formed in 163 and the Artwoods were formed following the departure of Don "Red  Bludd" Wilson who played bass and Red Dunnage the drummer. Jon Lord came from  the Bill Ashton Combo while Art Wood has sung with Alexis Korner's Blues  Incorporated. Keef had previously played with Rory Storm & the Hurricanes,  replacing a certain Ringo Starr, and Freddie Starr and the  Midnighters.

The Artwoods gained  a reputation as the hardest working R & B band on the circuit. The live set  consisted of both Chicago Blues standards and original material. Many  appearances were made on the top UK pop TV show Ready, Steady Go. Originally the  groups mimed to songs but, over time, more and more live performances were  allowed. The Artwoods performed on the first Ready Steady Goes Live. Tom Jones  mimed to It's Not Unusual on the show. The Kinks and Donovan played live and the Artwoods promoted  their first single ''Sweet Mary''.

The group was very popular in the clubs around  London but they never equaled this on record despite releasing an LP, an EP and  a string of singles. The only chart single was the 1966 ''I Take What I Want''  although this is not corroborated by The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles.  This was a cover of a Sam & Dave song.

There was also one EP called ''Jazz in Jeans''  and an album Art Gallery. There were successful tours of Europe and Poland. Eel  Pie Island was a regular gig with the band playing there about once a month.  This is an island in the Thames which had to be reached over a small bridge,  theequipment requiring three  trips. It was everybody's dream to walk into the Blue Boar just as their hit of  the moment was playing on the jukebox."

The Artwoods were chosen to represent the 20th  Century at the centenary celebrations of the State of Monte Carlo. The ball was  held in the Casino. After this, the band traveled to Paris and played next door  to the Moulin Rouge at The Locomotive.
The band split in 1967 and, at a time of  psychedelia, there was a name change to St Valentine's Day Massacre. This was  intended to "cash in" on the thirties-style gangsters craze which had been  started by the film Bonnie & Clyde. Brother Can You Spare a Dime was a cover  of an old Bing Crosby song. Keef Hartley left the band in 1967 to join John  Mayall's Bluesbreakers and
later  formed the Keef Hartley Band. Jon Lord joined the Flowerpot Men and later moved  to Deep Purple. Derek Griffiths became a session player. Quiet Melon was formed  in July 1969 when the Jeff Beck Group folded. Lead singer Rod Stewart was left  without a band and started hanging out with Ronnie Wood, his brother Art Wood  and Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones and Ian
McLagan. Art Wood got them a recording session  at the Fontana studios, where he had a contract and, according to Art, recorded  four songs - Diamond Joe, Engine 4444, Right Around The Thumb, and Two Steps To  Mother. They delivered the tapes to Fontana who said the tracks weren't good  enough and canceled Art's contract. The group then got a promoter called Rufus  Manning to try and get them a deal but nobody wanted to know. The group played  quite a few gigs but the project soon folded and Art retired from the music  business to
become a Graphic  Designer. The remaining members - Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane, Kenney  Jones and Ian McLagan then inherited the name the Small Faces which was soon  shortened to the Faces.

Ultra  Strongly Recommended !!

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