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14 June 2024
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Main » 2006 » October » 17 » Laughing Soup Dish - We Are The Dish (1987)
Laughing Soup Dish - We Are The Dish (1987)

Laughing Soup Dish's tongue-in-cheek garage/psyche is so raw, wild and authentic- you'll never believe they aren't a "real" '60s band worthy of inclusion on Pebbles Volume 1!

Wayne Larsen
Dave DeSantes
Kile Zimmermen
Curtis Leyhe
Jon Davies

Laughing Soup Dish was a psychedelic band from Long Branch,New Jersey. They achieved some notoriety in Greece. Some claim their name was a play on "LSD" (Laughing Soup Dish). They had several albums, most notably "Underthrow the Overground." . The band released two LPs, two 45s, and have been featured on numerous compilation albums. Their single Teenage Lima Bean only recently went out of print, as a vinyl 45 was still available for purchase (from the indie label Bomp Records) until recently.
The band never achieved mainstream success, but are regarded in cult status in the underground psychedelic/garage music world. Their music is still played on various radio stations.
Like most of the 1980s Jersey psych bands, you won't find LSD albums in the cut-out bin, as they are regarded as collector's items, and usually fetch a large price.

Jon Davies fronted the Laughing Soup Dish when he opened for The Dead Kennedys in Dover. The band performed under the name The Secret Syde.
Their albums are infamous for their tongue-in-cheek, humorous covers, which usually depict a cartoon Soup Dish, either laughing, dancing, or both.
The insert to the X-men's debut album "X-Men" features several pictures of the band, including a photo of a van, on which there is an advertisement for a Laughing Soup Dish show. This may have something to do with the fact Dave DeSantis was, at one time, a member of both bands, and he designed the insert.

We Are The Dish

Teenage Lima Bean (45)

Underthrow The Overground(1990)

Be A Caveman: The Best of the Vox Garage Revival


Label:VOXX Release Number:200047

A1 "Acidland"
A2 "Seven seas"
A3 "Plant life"
A4 "Flowering"
A5 "Now you know"
A6 "Your so plastic"

B1 "Princess"
B2 "Black River"
B3 "Last impressions"
B4 "For the yesterdays"
B5 "No one home"
B6 "Sunrise"

Unfortunately i have only their "underthrow the overground!"album in vinyl(don't ask me to rip it) and i don't know the mp3 titles of this one.i've contacted Wayne Larsen in order to get some info about the tracks and the album cause unfortunately it's very hard to find the titles and the cover of the LP.

i hope that he will correspond...

anyway grab it and enjoy it ! great and rare band

"Hello to all my Friends! the Laughing Soup Dish also can be heard on Voxx " the Secret Team" with the track "No ones home" , the Shadowmouth Record with "Walking By the Sea" and the "Liquid Salad Dinner" bootleg containing Live and rehersal versions of many early LSD songs. I am hoping that George Markou will re release this on his Gew Gaw Lablel. Anyone wishing to contact me can at:


Thank You,
Wayne Larsen"
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