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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 2 » 7 X 7 is - U.S. garage singles pt.3
7 X 7 is - U.S. garage singles pt.3

Third part of the U.S. 80s singles series...

Black Angel's Death Song - Nothing Equals Nothing/What Do You Mean (Dionysus ID074522)
Black Angel's Death Song were form Los Angeles, formed by J Francis Connors (Pirate Radio, Trash Can School), and Jack Gould (Flower Quartet, Trash Can School). They managed to release 3 CDs, and 5 7"s. Their sound in this single is raw 60s garagepunk, with loud guitars and primitive drums, although in later releases you can hear some VU influences.

Boys From Nowhere - No Reason To Live/1966 (Rubber RUB 003)
Boys From Nowhere, from Youngstown, Ohio, was in fact Mick Divvens (the rest of the band was anybody he could find). From 1984 they released at least 2 LPs, a 12 EP and 4 singles, in four different countries, yet they never were "succesful" even in their hometown. Imagine something between the Stems and the Stooges and you almost get the sound of this australian 7", which came out in 1989 in red vinyl.

Fall-outs - Don't Want The Sun/Another Fad/She's Out There (Estrus ES723)
This single by the Seattle Fall-Outs recorded in 1988, but released in 1991. Since then the Fall-outs released several albums and singles and they're more or less active until today. Their sound is typical for the early Estrus releases: raw, fats, primitive garagepunk, in fine 1965 beat.

Thee Fourgiven - She Shines (dedicated to Candy DelMar)/Be My Lover (Mystery Scene MS-002)
Thee Fourgiven was formed by Rich Coffee, out of the ashes of the Unclaimed, with Ray Flores (bass/vocals) & Matt Roberts (drums,garbage can,screams), both also from the Unclaimed, and lasted 'till 1989. Although Rich Coffee insists that his influences for this band were more MC5 than Count V, in this german 7's, and particularly in "She Shines" (b-side is a cover)we listen to a perfect nugget, which has little to do with the hard side of garage - more like raw Plasticland!

Plasticland - Let's Play Polyanna/Enchanted Forestry (Repulsion RE-001)
Speaking of Plasticland, here's a 7" from 1990, in UK label. Plasticland from Milwakee, WI, is well known, so all I'll say is that this single continues their Syd-Barrett-in-the-80s tradition, gathers all their experience and proves that they had much to offer.

Tommyknockers - Snake Lightining/Old Enough To Know Better/You'll Find Out (Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 21)
The second single from Rich Coffee for this post, this time with the Tommyknockers, a band he formed in 1989 with Lee Joseph (of Yard Trauma and head of Dionysus label). In Coffee's own words "The Tommyknockers were never as easy band to describe - once called "voodoo-acid-blues-rant-and-roll" fronted by the bastard son of Alice Cooper & Joey Ramone (a frightening thought!), they eventually evolved into almost a power-pop band! But the emphasis was always on the power!" Gladly, here is their first 3-song 7", which has nothing to to with power-pop. "Snake Lightning" is a dynamite, flirting with the Estrus sound of the same era, while in b-side we return to the known Unclaimed/Fourgiven garage.

True West - Lucifer Sam/Mas Reficul (True West TWW 666, 1982 -reissued on Skyclad hell(CUT)100, 1990)
Last, a true historic single from Davis, CA True West, their version on Floyd's "Lucifer Sam". Although TW were known from their next releases (Holywood Holiday and Drifters), in this 7", their Steve-Wynn-produced first single, which came out in 500 copies, they gave us their most wild psychedelic side, something that would never again repeat. Also worthy is the b-side: it's just "Lucifer Sam" played backwards, but it's totally listenable and a real psychedelic experience!
If you're further interested, you can watch True West performing "Lucifer Sam" live at The I-Beam, SF, 1984 here

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