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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 3 » Viv Akauldren - 1985 - Old Bags & Party Rags
Viv Akauldren - 1985 - Old Bags & Party Rags

Jeff Tarleton: "As a teenager the  inevitable happened and I formed my first and only band. We were a three-piece  named Trancegland. When the drummer quit to join the army, Deb Agolli joined and  we changed our name to Viv Akauldren. With me on vocals, guitar and bass and  Keir McDonald on synths, farfisa and bass we toured five hard years on the US  underground scene. I don't want to go into details here about the band but the  hard facts are we made 3 LPs, an EP and a couple of singles. (All are out of  print but you can still find them if you're lucky). There were amazing  performances too, that I will never forget as long as I live and I know there's  a lot of people out there that feel the same way.
We played with a lot of  great bands. Quite a few got famous in the 90s but then was really an innocent  time, before the reality of making it occurred to anyone. It was the void known  as the 80s but I think we made our mark, and absolutely no one was out there  doing what we were. We would have seen them."

Viv Akauldren were a trio from Detroit, active  from 1984 to 1989, which made great psychedelic music, combined with eastern  folk and prog/ambient influences. In "Old Bags & Party Rags" (released in  local Akashic label in 1985 and a year later in the Dutch label Resonance) all  the above are present, plus echoes of british post-punk and Hawkwind. In some  tracks it reminds me of Savage Republic with more aggressive guitars and  synthesizers.

Viv Akauldren were Jeff Tarleton (Phry) vcls, gtr, bs/ Keir  McDonald kbds, synth, bs/ Deb Agnolli drms, vcls
After their demise, Deb Agolli went on to Outrageous Cherry, Keir  McDonald recorded solo, under the name Medusa Cyclone, with much critical  acclaim, and Jeff Tarleton, quit music for a few years, released a solo  psych-folk album in the late 90s, (which I would like very much to listen), and  now lives in Berlin as a street musician.

1 - Life  Expectancy
2 - Tanzil
3 - As You Wish
4 - Flooding Crawl Space
5 -  Lost
6 - Censored
7 - Null
8 - Catabolic Blues

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