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29 September 2023
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Main » 2007 » January » 9 » 7 X 7 is - U.S. garage singles pt.4
7 X 7 is - U.S. garage singles pt.4

Aching Void - Swirling Colors/Voices (Rockadelic RR-106)
Aching Void were a trio, possibly from N.Y. This single, released around 1989, on the cult Rockadelic label, is full of fuzz, that creeps in your brain. Here's the Lama review: The titles and band name promise some pretty hardcore neo-psych, and the A-side single delivers, from the heavily reverbed bass riffs to the incessant, spastic lead guitar to the sound effects on the vocals to the absurd scream that ends the verses. There’s a scattershot feel to this one, and it comes off as a random burst of wacked-out energy. The B-side is a bit slower, but has the same spaced out, crude feel to it (at one point it seems like the bass player or the drummer misses a cue), and plenty more of the fuzz guitar. Fun, indeed.

Marble Orchard - Something Happens/Ever Think About Me? (Estrus ES75)
A trio from Eugene, Oregon, released a few more singles and three or four albums, mostly on the Septembergurls label. This is their first single from 1990, pressed on marble-grey vinyl, with two driving garage songs, one of the best releases of Estrus.

Ten Foot Faces - Don't Want Love/Sand Fuck/Dangerous Visions (Independent Project IP017)
The Ten Foot Faces is, as the name suggests, a wall of sound based upon SoCal surf music. Three tracks of crazed surf-garage, perfect for this time of year. Surprisingly, this came out on Independent Project records, in 1985, complete with hand-printed card stock cover and insert (in a limited edition of 1500). Its produced by Vitus Matare. Ten Foot Faces released an LP on Camper Van Beetoven's label and several years later their guitarist played with the Urinals.

Dead Moon - D.O.A./Dagger Moon (Tombstone T-34)
These are two classic songs from the recently retired Dead Moon, from Portland, Oregon. I'm sure we all know singer/guitarist/songwriter Fred Cole, almost 60 years old now, who gave us several mastrpieces from the sixties till now. Mayby wider known in Europe than in the U.S., Frec Cole, his wife Toody and Andrew Loomis from 1987 (as Dead Moon) put out great records (originaly on their label Tombstone and on Music Maniac in Europe). This is in mono as almost all the Tompstone recordings.

Fingers of Doom - White Gods/I Don't Understand It + Yellows (Tombstone T-14)
This is another Tombstone release, again in mono and in 33 1/3! Fingers of Doom is (I think) a one-shot band, lead by Kate Fate (vcls, bs), a Portland figure (was also in Sam Henry’s Lone Strangers and maybe in the recordings of other Portland groups), featuring Toody Cole and Chris Newman on gtr (great!). The a-side starts with a rip-off of the Nuns' "Do You Want Me On My Knees" and ends as 'jazz piano' which has no piano but a great Cippolina guitar!, while b-side contains a streight garage-punk track and a talking blues!

Brian T. & Plan 9 - Hideaway/Echoing Sunshine/Walls of Paradise (Midnight MID 4506)
This came out in 1984, in a cheap black and white cover, painted with marker!. It's from the period that Plan 9, from Rhode Island, had Brian T. (singer and guitarist Brian Thomas) as their lead singer. Two of these tracks resurfaced in the French version of the "Plan 9" LP.

Three Women In Black - Grace Of God/Cards/Submission
Another obscure single from an one-shot band on Dionysus. Lead by Micheline (Johnoff), Three Women In Black offer two originals and a Sex Pistols cover, right from the garage caves of Hollywood, CA. Slow crawling rhythms and the dusty voice of Micheline make this a fine listen. Who was Micheline? Lee Joseph only knows.

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